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Doctors have no idea why my TSH is .04, and low T3 and low T4. I am on WP Thyroid 90mg.I have low iron, hair loss, 325 cholesterol, HDL 92 and LDL 242


Jul 28, 2013
Your high cholesterol indicates you may have inherited an APOE - 4 gene. This means you do not process fat well, like 20% of the population. You can be tested for the APOE-4. Solution would be a low fat diet, combined with supplemental caffeine.


Jan 29, 2021
As stated in my post: Doctors have no idea why my TSH is .04, and low T3 and low T4. I am on WP Thyroid 90mg.I have low iron, hair loss, 325 cholesterol, HDL 92 and LDL 242
I really need help. I a a 66year young female, run 5 miles daily, ride my bike 15 miles daily and walk one mile daily. I take daily 45 minute saunas everyday, have a healthy diet and work as a massage therapist. I am 5'2" and 105 lbs.

View: https://youtu.be/HNTgD6djJtE

I think you mentioned thalseemia minor (sorry, I get lost on this sight) I have that as well, plus all the other issues you have mentioned. I just found out I have a nodule on my pituitary gland and am now on Cabergoline. I’d like to be on nothing; including Armor. The interview I attached w RP was tremendously insightful as to why these particular health issues occur & how they’re related. He doesn’t mentioned thalseemia unfortunately but the rest of it is in there. Perhaps you’re creating a lot of lactic acid which increases your serotonin. Please listen for yourself. I could’ve misunderstood it. But I think it’s all tied together. Best Wishes!


May 13, 2015
I do have a pitutary adenoma which may affect my thyroid but the doctors do not think so. An increase in carbohydrates sky rockets my glucose. I wore a Continous Gluscose monitor for a while. My iron is low and I have taken progesterone and just stopped last month. My temp. lis about 97.4 and has been for years. My diet has been low in estrogen, no soy, plastics or vegetables that deplete thyroid function.
I too have extremely low TSH and am hypothyroid. I read recently in a Broda Barnes book that high estrogen can affect the pituitary's release of TSH so there's that idea. My 84 year old endocrinologist said he had seen super low TSH before and he chose to ignore it and treated my hypothyroid symptoms anyway.

It seems to me that doctors should be able to make the connection that a pituitary benign tumor (pituitary adenoma) could hinder the release of TSH.
I have always been cold, my temp is 97.4 and my pulse hovers around 50-60. I just started taking iron bisglycinate. I have been bothered with digestive problems and have tested for H. Pylori twice and it cam back positive both times. I cannot take antibiotics they destroy me.
This sounds like some pretty severe hypothyroid symptoms to me.

Please note that thiamine deficiency can cause the low temp and can block metabolic function even though you may be taking thyroid supplementation. Thiamine deficiency also causes digestive problems. Please note that a lot of antibiotics cause thiamine functional blockage. The one that did that to me was Bactrim. Here's an article about it: Bactrim: An Anti-Folate, Anti-Thiamine, Potassium Altering Drug - Hormones Matter

I was able to normalize my temperature from 97.6 up to 98.6 in about 45 minutes by taking a dose of about 300mg thiamine hcl. This is how I figured out I had a thiamine problem. I searched "Bactrim and thiamine" and found that article. I've been taking high dose thiamine hcl for over 10 months and have regained my health.

Careful evaluation of any antibiotic use should include researching possible issues with thiamine functional blockage from the antibiotic in question.

I cannot eat more carbs it makes my blood sugar too high.
This points to a thiamine deficiency problem. Thiamine is required to use sugar metabolically.
They said they have never seen anything like it. They are at a loss as well as I am. Believe me, I have tried everything for years.
I experienced having both a thiamine deficiency/functional blockage plus hypothyroidism plus a TSH below .02. It is a complicated issue but it can be worked out. Both thiamine deficiency AND thyroid hormone deficiency block oxidative metabolism. Both issues need to be addressed in order to regain health.
I wanted to try TRH but the Lab. discontinued the test so the doctor will not prescribe it. He has nothing to go by or monitor it. I discussed it with him. I have tried higher amounts of thyroid 120 mg down to 30mg either Armour, WP or Nature Thyroid. No change. I have tried Synthroid, Levothyroixin (spelling may be incorrect) and Levoxyl (spelling may be incorrect). I have tried T3 by itself and in combination with thyroid. Did not change my numbers. It seems the TSH never changes. The T3 and T4 change a little. I do have H. Pylori but cannot take antibiotics.
What does TRH stand for?

Armour didn't work anymore for me after spring of 2014 when they changed the formula. I'll never trust it again. Synthroid, Levothyroixin are only T4 and do not work if you happen to have estrogen. You need T3 to prime the pump so the liver can convert T4 to T3. HAPPY NOTE: NP Thyroid made by Acella and available in the U.S. works great!! I've been taking it for 7 years. Just ignore the low TSH number and watch your symptoms. Keep a record of your temp and pulse. Keep in mind that thiamine deficiency/functional blockage can cause low temp and can also cause erratic pulse rate.

Perhaps you’re creating a lot of lactic acid which increases your serotonin. Please listen for yourself. I could’ve misunderstood it. But I think it’s all tied together. Best Wishes!
Thanks for the audio show; I'll listen to it! I love Ray Peat!

It's important to note that thiamine deficiency/functional blockage causes high lactic acid AND it also affects serotonin levels. Supplementing with high dose thiamine can correct these problems. I solved these problems via high dose thiamine hcl; I take 2 grams/day.


Apr 24, 2017
Decrease cardio, replace it with light weight training 2 times a week. Eat more red meat and add beef liver - it’s high in copper, sweating can deplete it. It will also supply you with Vitamin A which is needed to mobilize iron. Check ferritin and transferrin saturation together with serum iron to rule out iron deficiency. I would reduce the saunas too. Add calories if needed.


Oct 11, 2016
It is clear that no one knows what TSH, T3, or T4 is yet. They're all fancy guesses dressed up as theories.

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