Do you consume iodized salt at home?

Do you consume iodized salt at home?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 44.8%
  • No

    Votes: 16 55.2%

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Do you consume iodized salt at home?

Did you do differently before reading Peat?

Do you think iodine's RDA (150 mcg) is correct?


Jun 12, 2013
I just use Morton's Canning Salt at home. I used to use sea salt. When I'm elsewhere I use what they have, which is usually iodized salt. I don't know about the RDA.


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sara n. said:
j. said:
What do you think is a good amount of iodine to consume daily?

None, just me though as I'm extremely allergic to it.
sara n.

I'm talking about iodine in foods. Milk, cheese, eggs, shrimp have significant amounts of iodine. Are you allergicto these?

sara n.

Jun 27, 2013
j. said:
I'm talking about iodine in foods. Milk, cheese, eggs, shrimp have significant amounts of iodine. Are you allergicto these?

I am allergic to iodine (and iodides, any iodine compound by any name) wherever it is found. So the answer is yes, I am allergic to those things. I once began itching within 20 minutes of taking 1/4 tsp of a sea salt containing 18 mcg of iodine. I have some other allergies also, but iodine is primary. I use only Morton's salt.
I use the ThyCa low iodine diet as a basic guide.

In 25 years of avoidance, I have never developed even the beginning of a goiter.
sara n.


Aug 10, 2012
No. I've come a long way. Was even supplementing Iodoral before I found Peat. Now, I take my own un-added to salt to restaurants. I used to take my sea salt. Unless it's in the restaurant food, I avoid iodized salt. I prefer the taste of the plain salt, too. That took a while since I loved various sea salts.
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