Do Those Of You Peating Since 4 Years Feel Different Than When They Started It?


Aug 6, 2015
The question is in the title.

Since Peat said that PUFAs are removed from the body after 4 years, I wondered if the long time Peaters felt different after those 4 years,for example your diseases/symptoms disapear completely, your metabolism raises tremendously, etc?
Feb 4, 2015
Parsifal said:
post 106175 Since Peat said that PUFAs are removed from the body after 4 years,

He also said this:

Although thyroid, progesterone, and a high quality protein diet will generally correct the epilepsy problem, it is important to mention that the involvement of unsaturated fats and free radicals in seizure physiology implies that we should minimize our consumption of the unsaturated fats. Even years after eliminating them from the diet, their release from tissue storage can prolong the problem, and during that time the use of vitamin E is likely to reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures.” - RP

"When someone has been poisoned by stress and a bad diet, many things interfere with the ability to form and use Thyroid hormone. PUFAs will interfere both with production, transport and ability to respond to it, through poisoning of the mitochondria that use it. When you are under stress, by the time a person is about 30 years old, their tissues have had time to store PUFA, even if they are not eating very much in the diet, the body preferentially oxidizes saturated fats and sugar, and puts the PUFA into storage. So when you are stressed and over 30, your blood will fill with PUFA, which blocks Thyroid function as well as production of protective steroid hormones." - RP

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Oct 5, 2014
If you are doing things correctly by monitoring the temp/pulse and only consuming things that consistently increase the temp/pulse then you should feel a lot better in just a couple of months. PUFA is constantly being detoxed so there isn't going to be some magic moment after 4 years.


Aug 7, 2014
I'm 1.5 years in and Ive noticed many changes. However, my case is an insane puzzle as I'm recovering from an excessive urination issue (70x a day 1.5 years go now 15x a day); my sleep is interrupted nightly so exhaustion is higher and makes every nutrient critical. The above quote from Dr. Peat puts many PUFA in perspective; I usually tell people it can take 4-6 years to detox pufa. Or better yet I usually say that I can't wait until more 40s 50s and 60s when I will really feel like a kid again.


Jun 10, 2020
Bumping this thread, hoping to hear more from long term Peat-inspired eaters! What changes have you noticed after long term implementation?


Nov 22, 2017
Of course. Massively different. It's like I'm a completely different person.

I've been cold most of my life, and that's basically gone; I'm warm most of the time now. I also have more hormone production, and greater ease building muscle mass. Many other changes.

But it's a bit misleading to try to identify these changes with an idealized view of what "Peating" really is. I do many things which aren't part of the cookie-cutter "Peat-inspired" lifestyle (when in fact they are perfectly aligned with the bioenergetic view).

And there are so many individual things that people will need to assess and deal with differently, and that can have a massive impact on the outcomes. Many things can raise thyroid/metabolism; avoiding allergens (gluten), removing toxins from your environment (fluoride in water, mold in the walls), getting more light exposure etc.

I certainly haven't been consistently doing <4g PUFAs, because of practical reasons. I'm still trying to minimize PUFAs and obviously ideally I would love to bring it down to 1-2g a day.

So yeah, a lot of changes, but it's a cumulative, building effect that's not limited to PUFAs as a criteria.


Mar 10, 2016
I'm a mixed bag, I've been strict about PUFA for over 5 years now, along the way I've had nutrient deficiencies I'm still sorting out and under-ate a lot. I feel ok most of the time, but tired sometimes. I look young for age but my parents did too. Hard to know!


Mar 29, 2016
Yes, it been around 4 years for me.

But before Peating, I had already been living PUFA-free for at least 4 years I lost count.

So when I started Peating, I tested myself on how well I could take sugar. I passed. I took a teaspoon of sugar on an empty stomach and felt nothing. Before, I would be get more hungry, and if I didn't eat something, I'd sneeze, hiccup, and later be dripping from the nose. Then the hiccups come. And the next day I'll have a cold that lasts for 2 weeks. So being PUFA-free certainly worked for me, although I got the idea initially from hearing a talk by Brian Peskin.

Since Peating, I've learned more about the importance of good sugar metabolism, and how it's also tied to acid-base balance. And I've found these to be the most important foundation for maintaining and improving my health. Aside from temperature and heart rate, and the Achilles tendon reflex test (which I substitute with an ECG whtat gives a QTc value), I've relied on doing my own tests to make sure I'm optimal as far as efficient energy production goes. I do my own 5hr Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) instead of relying on the test most doctors used, the HbA1c, which more orten than not gives a false measure of blood sugar health, and I also do my own urine pH test, which gives me a good indication of acid-base balance.

These DIY tests are my foundation to assure good metabolic health, from which we rely on a good supply of energy for maintaining our health, and for our own continual development. If there is something wrong in our system, but these are optimal, the body is well-equipped to adapt to certain parts of our system that is dysregulated. So having focus on metabolic health is job #1 for me. If I start to tweak things here and there, and play with supplement this and supplement that, rather than focus on metabolic health, together with making sure I have no deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and in my macros, I feel that I'd rather be spinning wheels.

Ray might mentions a supplement and nootropic and antibiotic here and there, and that's only because they're helpful for a body that is needing a little support to bootstrap their healing process. Frequently, people have poor buffers in their system (deficiencies of exogenous as well as endogenous substances) and would need these. Using these are helpful, but the end objective is not not to rely on these substances forever, but to begin to transition to a lifestyle that provides sufficient nutrients so that the body can rely on itself to heal itself.

Reading up on Ray Peat to understand his ideas well enough is for me the best way to understand about our body and how it works and how it maintains balance and be healthy. A lot of times people don't bother to do that and then jump in the forum and then start playing with supplements and nootropics. They want to run already before they learn to walk. Plenty of people get obese doing the so-called Ray Peat diet , but their body cannot handle sugar well. So they get obese and then blame the so-called Ray Peat diet.

As for me, I have very high hypertension and I'm still healthy. I don't get any headache and I haven't had a fever nor flu in 20 years. I used to eat brown rice because my body couldn't handle the white rice as my body can't handle the rush of glucose that assimilates into my blood so quickly. But I've improved my blood sugar metabolism so it can quickly absorb and metabolize the sugar, so I don't need brown rice anymore to somehow throttle the assimilation of glucose into my blood anymore. It's because the fiber contents helps throttle the digestion of brown sugar. But the problem is that beginning Peaters begin to think fiber is so bad that they wouldn't have brown rice, and eat white rice. And then some say starch is bad, so they turn into eating sugar and drinking Coke. Well, they get obese quickly because they don't know that while sugar is good, their body can't handle it.

I'm lucky to have done 5hr OGTT's before and I've learned my lesson before I began Peating. I had a bridge course to Peating so I know what's going on. Fix your blood sugar regulation first before you begin Peating. Monitor if with DIY tests. And when your're doing it well, you'll also see your acid-base balance improve, and that will confirm further you're on the right track. Don't complicate things by taking this and that. You'll grow old and you may have inscribed on your tombstone "I tried Ray Peat and it didn't work."

Anyway, I got to say this because I feel sorry many don't like to be methodical and like to take short cuts. Just like the rabbit who lost to the turtle. I'm pretty sure those who've been acting like the turtle are having more success improving their health than those who've acted like the rabbit. I certainly wish them both better health, and for the rabbits to learn from this, and to not double down on doing the wrong thing.

And for the rabbits who succeeded, you probably already had good sugar metabolism to begin with, and you lucked out. And congratulations - you're a one in a million !


Jun 25, 2017
How often do you eat? How much fat? What macros?

Would it be feasible to consume only 16 cups 1% milk, 6.5 cups orange juice, baking soda to neutralize OJ pH (I'm guessing it'll make it 10g sodium and 10g potassium), magnesium, and maybe some liver? How much added iron (male in 30s)?
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