Diet For Dislocated Shoulder Recovery


Dec 1, 2012
Hey guys,

I dislocated my shoulder today. Any recs on what foods to consume for best recovery? High gelatin to muscle protein ratio or something else? Cheers


Jan 13, 2013
Besides minimizing dietary PUFA, other things are known that will reduce the fibrosis associated with injury, inflammation, or aging. Thyroid hormone, progesterone, and carbon dioxide all reduce inflammation while facilitating normal tissue remodeling... ... tion.shtml

To increase CO2, you could try supplementing baking soda, carbonated beverages, and making sure to eat lots of sugar (OJ, fruit, milk, honey, simple sugar etc.) - An efficient oxidative metabolism will produce CO2.

Thyroid and Progesterone - Make sure to eat plenty of vitamin A and Cholesterol - the main cofactors for converting t3 to progesterone. Liver, Pastured Eggs, Cheese, and Milk are all good sources and quite nutrient dense.

Gelatin should help too.


Thread starter
Dec 1, 2012
Thanks cbar! Seems like an ideal time for me to start practicing buteyko.


Jul 11, 2018
B 12 is my recommendation ,lots of circle exercises. I broke my arm and dislocated shoulder 12/27 /17 and they did not jerk it back in place because of the break being about 4" down on that arm. 8 hours in ER to tell me it would heal on it's own just exercise. After 5 orthopedics and one muscle and nerve test I gave up on Docs and still have lump in my arm from neurologist dye they put in my arm for nerve and muscle test. I have nearly complete range of motion here in July. I probably still glow in the dark from all the xrays and CT scan.
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