Diet advice for bad yeast/fungi problems.

Oct 18, 2013
Hi everyone, I'm considering employing some of Peat's diet and lifestyle advice but I'm not sure how to start. About a year ago I got sick with what felt like a bad fungal overgrowth, so I went on the conventional low carb diet, which controlled some symptoms for a while but which made me cold, tired, hungry, miserable, and ultimately worse off. I lost so much weight that I ended up in the hospital for a while, and I'm already a skinny guy (I'm 5'11" and I went from 140 lbs. To 117 lbs.) I'm seeing a doctor who diagnosed me with chronic heavy metal toxicity and yeast/fungi problems (revealed by a comprehensive stool analysis) and he wants me to go low carb again and take oregano and berberis to correct the dysbiosis. From my experience, however, my low carb diet starved me instead of the yeast, and probably interfered with my thyroid function. The increased ketone production may have also nourished the yeast.

Basically, I'm willing to try anything but the low carb madness again but converting my diet seems like a big challenge. I'm currently taking in ample carbs in the form of starch, which Peat of course would advise against, but I seem to feel sicker when I try to take in more fructose or lactose. My liver is under a lot of stress, causing me a lot of pain, which I imagine is from the pathogenic yeast/fungi feeding and producing toxins, but I'm scared that more simple sugars could exacerbate the situation. The problem might resolve itself if I replace starches with fructose and lactose in my diet, but I feel like the process of this conversion could be very uncomfortable.

I also understand that I'd have to alter my supplement regimen. I know Peat doesn't recommend probiotics containing lactobacillus. I also take a formula called Liver Care by Himalaya, and my attempts to go without it haven't been pleasant, but for all I know the herbs it contains might be estrogenic. My doctor did prescribe me bio-identical testosterone cream, which I hope will help.

I know this is a lot of info and I'm unsure how anyone can really help, I'm just wondering if anyone who has experienced yeast problems might be able to provide some insight. Anything at all would be appreciated.


Feb 20, 2013
Hypothyroid condition increases fungal infection and SIBO ( small intestinal bacteria overgrowth).
Most people adopt low carb approach of starving fungus/yeast. low carb diet very quickly
lowers thyroid function and making things worse. Fixing the thyroid is the solution.
Daily Raw carrot salad with some vinegar and coconut oil can quickly help with
killing bad bacteria and improving thyroid function. Avoidance of starch and soluble fiber
helps with lowering exdotoxin from bad bacteria.
SIBO and yeast problem can damage intestinal wall and this lowers
the production of enzyme needed to break down lactose, sucrose
and other disaccharides . This is a common problem in adjusting to
milk and sugar rich diet from a low carb induced hypothyroid and SIBO problem.
Milk needs to be introduced very slowly. half a cup 2-3 times a day with meal
makes it easier to digest.
If half a cup is a problem you can start with 1/4th cup and slowly increase.
You can make inverted sugar by boiling sugar in water, this breaks down
sugar into glucose and fructose.This can spare the need for enzyme to break down sucrose.
Honey and most fruit juices are already rich in mono-saccharides.
If you have to eat starch, boil it for at least 40 minutes. This will make it more digestible.
Masa harina and white rice are safer than other source of starch.
Cooked potato juice is free of starch and can be a great source of nutrients.
Here is a thread to basic dietary guideline
Pectin in OJ is problem for many.
If strained OJ gives problem you can try other fruits with less pectin.
Ray Peat discussed Yeast, Candida and Sibo in these two audio interviews ... -endotoxin ... in-context


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Oct 18, 2013
Thank you, that is all very helpful. I seem to tolerate dairy from goats a lot better so I'll start slowly with that.
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