Jan 22, 2013
probably not much other than its empty calories, you could probably use a little and be fine on an otherwise good diet...also, it would have to be pure, cause if it was made from a yeast or something it might have residues in it


Nov 6, 2014
From Sugar Myths 2 KMUD Interview with Dr Peat, just posted up.

Caller:And I wanted to ask specifically about dextrose. Dextrose from what I gather in my research is basically that spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down because I don't think dextrose mixed in with much of anything else much but medicine. And I'm curious as to the function and purpose of dextrose, what it's really all about. And also since Steve Jobs recently passed and pancreatic cancer was related to that, I understand he used to stay up for days at a time working on his inventions - a lot of coffee but he also ate a lot of health food - and maybe you could address the aspects again, cause I was having a little difficulty hearing this. What can help regenerate those pancreatic cells and what can adversely affect them as far as the benefits of coffee and keeping that in balance? So dextrose and pancreas, that's the basic question and thanks again for all that every one of you do, thank you.

HD2: Thank you for your call.

HD: What do you think of dextrose, Dr Peat?

RP: Well glucose, it's just the other word for glucose, and starch turns into that and it is great stuff in itself when it's in the right balance with other things including a little bit of fructose always, and saturated fat and minerals and vitamins. The dextrose or glucose itself is a factor in helping the pancreas to regenerate; it's the polyunsaturated fats, which misdirect the metabolism of glucose and fructose. And the polyunsaturated fats that are creating the epidemic of diabetes and obesity and later all of the degenerative diseases, cancer and Alzheimer's and so on.

Engineer: I have a question. Do they call it dextrose when it's being used industrially as a food or how do they call it dextrose instead of glucose?

RP: It has to do with the optical rotation of it. It's just a different chemical history of the way they name the molecules. Say Fructose was called levulose because it turns the light to the left.

HD2: OK, so basically dextrose just gets broken down into glucose.
HD/RP: It IS glucose.
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