Depression, Insomnia, Thyoid And TRT. Feeling Helpless

Billy F

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Apr 1, 2018
I'm a 42 yr old male. Have been on TRT for the last 9 yrs (Test Cyp @ 200mg pr wk/ split into 100 mg twice/wk). I inject Mondays and Thursdays.
Originally started on TRT due to low energy, off/on libido, slight depression, Test levels were always in range on low end.

-1 day after injection of 100mg/Cyp usually puts me at the following- (lab corp)
Total Test- 1000-1100 (241-827)
Free Test 29-31 (6-21)
E2- 50-60 (7-42)
SHBG - 11-16 (13-89)

-3 days after injection of 100mg/Cyp my levels are usually at the following-
Total Test- 590-640
Free Test- 20-23
E2- 30-50
SHBG- 14-17

Since starting TRT it has been hit or miss, mostly miss. My libido is still off/on, my depression has continued, no motivation to do anything, started losing hair/thinning-dry hair, dry skin.
Recently my depression has gotten worse, became more irritable, etc.

About 6 months ago my Dr. instructed me to include DHEA supps (10-20mg/day) due to my DHEA being in the bottom 10% of range and my Estrogen (Estrodial) has elevated ridiculously to over 100-120 (labcorp range). This would explain my new BPH symptoms (psa normal), severe increase in Depression/irritability, digestion issues, insomnia worse than ever, more rapid hair thinning-drying, and can't lose weight despite eating 2000 calories/weight lifting intensely (getting stronger but no weight reduction, very very very slow fat reduction) etc....

I went back and looked at the past 12 yrs of bloodwork and the commonality I found was-
My Thyroid-TSH has always been between 2.0 and 3.9, my Total T4 has always been in range at bottom 15%, my FT4 has always been in range at bottom 10%, my FT3 has always been in range between the top 55-90%. (According to Stop Thyroid Madness having a very low-inrange FT4 and mid to upper in-range FT3 indicates Hypothyroid.) Also, my SHBG since starting TRT has always been in range but at the very bottom 5%. (I have read that Hypo (as well as TRT) is possible reason for low SHBG .) My lipid panel has been out of wack since starting TRT and I eat very healthy.

My E2 (prior to the past six months) was always between 30 to 58... (from what I have been researching is that because of my low SHBG, I am more susceptible to E2 negative effects and have to keep E2 lower than if I had a normal/higher SHBG.)

4 weeks ago I started Arimidex @ .25mg 3x/wk and reduced my Test Cyp injections from 200mg/wk to 120mg/wk (divided into 3x 40mg injects per week). I hope this will reduce the E2 conversion and also work better with my low SHBG. Tomorrow I go for bloodwork.

I have all the symptoms of being hypo.. dry skin, dry eyes, very dry thinning hair, dry cracked feet, depression, brain fog (memory issues), don't enjoy doing things I used to love, very irritable, easily frustrated, digestion issues, sleep issues/insomnia (don't have apnea). I believe my elevated E2 for all these years has played a big part in my issues as well...

All help and suggestions appreciated.
Apr 13, 2018
Hi @Billy F , sorry to hear about what you are going through. The hormone stuff is way beyond my knowledge. But in my case, I had lot of similar symptoms as you (dry skin, eyes, thinning hair, dry feet, brain fog, irritability, slow digestion, insomnia). For me, they went away after I began eating a lot more. 3000 calories a day to begin with, but even better relief at 5000 a day. You can check my post history, but basically I had been on an energy-deficit for a while (burning more calories than consuming), and this took its toll. I wasn't consciously trying to diet, but effectively, given my lifestyle and lack of food relative to my energy needs, I was. Happy to answer any questions but almost everything I know I have written in my previous posts. Matt Stone has a post on his blog about a guy who was on TRT, and thyroid, and I think something else, but was able to get off of them, following a period of intense refeeding ("Eating Disorder Recovery Update" on his 180degreehealth blog). I know some people here dislike Matt Stone and I don't think his ideas are perfect, but he is at least significantly influenced by Ray Peat, and the man's case he details in that blog post may have some relevant similarities for your case.
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Mar 17, 2017
you can Ask your doctor to switch T injection to low dose transdermal T(~4mg on testicle)
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