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Mar 29, 2016
@yerrag A TBI is a traumatic brain injury, which kind of sounds worse than it is. They can be significant like cerebrospinal fluid leaking out of your ears etc. or can develop over time from unresolved concussions. My estimate on those two TBI's is only a guess as we weren't doing brain scans back then, but it's probably a pretty good one.

I wonder if it was the antibiotic effect of the saturated esters in deFibron that arrested a chronic inflammatory condition, and this opened up a clogged transmission channel for the autonomic nervous system, and reestablished a feedback loop between your brain and sensor and motor nerves.

I've been using essential oils diffused through a cold diffuser as I sleep. The respiratory intake of such oils allow for these oils to penetrate the blood brain barrier. Not a lot of essential oil is used each night, and this is good, as the MIC of these oils are high, and the effect is gentle. It may be a good followup therapy.

This is a cold diffuser I use:

The choice of essential oils is context-dependent, and you'll find ones that will be useful for your condition with some research.


Feb 4, 2018
I've worked up to 20 drops of this (half dose) but it's causing some discomfort in the back of my throat which lasts several hours.

Anyone else noticed the same?


Mar 9, 2021
@haidut i am wondering if there could potentially break down internal scar tissue? I had a bowel resection when I was younger and looking to clean up/breakdown some of the internal scarring


Apr 17, 2015
@haidut I have a few questions about this product. Anyone with ideas, please chime in

1. if this is re-saturating the tissue, how long do you think that would take? Do you think four year average Ray talks about applies here? What other considerations come to your mind?

2. I gradually raised my dosage to 12-15 drops a day. I do not benefit much from many supplements discussed around here but this seemed to help a bit in the beginning, then stopped helping. What should I take from this? Should I increase the dosagee? Or, my main problem is not something defibron can solve and I should move onto some other options? I remain hypo and tend to have problems when i increase the dosage.


Jul 27, 2020
@RePeatRePeat, have you managed to get your sleep back? I've been using 5-15 drops a day for about 2 weeks, and getting some great effects, but like you I've had trouble falling asleep these past few days. Somehow this product makes me supremely alert, which is great during the day, but frustrating at bedtime. Gonna try lower doses and only dosing in morning. If this stuff builds up in the system however ceasing completely might be the only option, which would be a shame.

Too early to give a complete picture of effects but I'm getting some minor acne (usually means androgen production in my case), tremendously alert, yet relaxed state of mind, and silky smooth hair. Loving it so far, hope sleep issues will resolve with above adjustments.

Edit; I also felt some new sensations around my heart the first two days. Haven't felt it again since.
This very much mirrors the experience I’ve had after taking 20 drops today. Very interesting!


Sep 12, 2018
I’ve been using DeFibron for 3 weeks now. While I had an immediate effect from it I wanted to take a few weeks to really see the big picture and also to compose a thoughtful review.
My background: I probably had my first TBI around 8 or 9 and another at 19. Knowing a decent amount about neurology now and looking back at the head injuries I sustained and some of the after effects it seems pretty clear I had actual brain injuries. On top of this I have probably had dozens of concussions and spent a good amount of time in the military, part of which was on an assault team where we were shooting in buildings a lot. Concussion city. In reflection I already had these problems before I ever entered the military. In my 30s I began having more serious brain problems which led me through a number of different systems trying to fix myself. This was compounded by the fact that once Pandemic kicked off I was back behind the gun again doing a lot of the things I did in my 20s/30s.
I had successfully used different breathing techniques and some nutrition stuff to pull myself out of the dark and at least maintain some stability but I never really felt “fixed”.
I started using DeFibron and now I feel fixed. Short story is I feel completely normal for probably the first time in my life. If this supplement is having the anti-fibrotic effect we think it is, this would make sense. Cerebral blood flow has probably improved as well as a number of other things. Worth noting I was also born premature and put in an incubator and had a bunch of other weird stuff happen to me.
Below are the positive impacts I am seeing from DeFibron
1. Improved mobility. There does seem to be an effect from applying it directly to areas that have always been a problem for me. Specifically ankles, adductors and chest.
2. Breathing is way better. I have had significant breathing problems since I was a kid.
3. Improved vision.
4. Better strength and endurance.
5. Alcohol seems to have almost no lasting effect on me. I can drink a shocking amount of tequila and get up the next morning and work out. I’m not planning on making a habit out of this, it was more of a test based on something @haidut said. Makes sense if liver function is improving. I think he said that.
6. No more negative internal monologue.
7. Shooting doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. I normally use a heart rate monitor and when it pegs at 100 bpm and won’t come down I know it’s time to pack it in. That seems to have stopped happening. I can hammer rounds down range as much as I like and I feel perfectly fine. I’m not going to go start hanging out in the shoot house eating breaching charges or anything, but I now feel like range work isn’t going to push me backwards.
8. Screens don’t hurt my eyes like they used to.
9. I’ve been working on Ray’s material for nearly ten years now with limited success. I think part of the reason for this was all of my other issues which made it hard to manage glucose on a number of levels. After starting with DeFibron things seem to work much better now.
There's more but that's the gist of it.
It’s worth noting that I started off only doing topical. 2x20 drops per day. This past week I added in 5 drops oral. So at least for me it doesn’t seem that oral is necessary to get an effect. I’m curious from those with more experience if it’s fine to increase the topical amount as @haidut had said it was around 30% as effective administered topically.
I feel like this stuff could be a big deal for people with long-term concussion syndromes/ PTSD. Like “it stops you from putting a gun in your mouth sitting in your truck in a 7-11 parking lot” big deal.
So… thumbs up.


Oct 14, 2016
Has anyone else experienced Androgenic/Androsterone/Pheromone like effects after taking this? People seem to be getting irritated even intimidated around me, very much like Androsterone’s effects.


Oct 14, 2016
I know user @ddjd has talked about ‘stinky sweat’ after defibron usage, did you also experience Pheromone effects?


Oct 13, 2016
@haidut What is the half-life of the components in Defibron? Feeling very disassociated and trying to trace cause….had used alloP contemporaneously (daily, 5-10mg) but as far as I know disassociation is not a side effect and it has a pretty short half life (?)


May 22, 2016
@haidut What is the half-life of the components in Defibron? Feeling very disassociated and trying to trace cause….had used alloP contemporaneously (daily, 5-10mg) but as far as I know disassociation is not a side effect and it has a pretty short half life (?)
it's the alloP


May 11, 2017
Still reading through the thread, but has anyone had success with treating skin scars with Defibron? I plan to try a bottle on my keloids and see if they improve, this seems like it could be promising. The sooner I heal my skin, the sooner I will be much more comfortable in myself and have a hell of a before/after photo to share.

Also, would this also reduce skin inflammation as well?

Currently waiting on some more bottles of Dissolve-It-All from Mitolife, which are silkworm enzymes that also break down fibrosis. I ran 1 bottle and it reduced inflammation noticeably, but no noticeable impact on my scars (I am under the assumption that several months of daily usage will be a healthier measurement than just 1.5 weeks).
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