Dan Duchaine "The Steroid Guru", And Other Gurus In Bodybuilding

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    Dan Duchaine - Wikipedia
    His 1st book was The Underground Steroid Handbook in 1982.
    It is an interesting read. Dan's info was used a lot in 1980's/90's/00's bodybuilding/sports/fitness, and some stuff still current.
    Attached are some of his pdf books.

    Not all in line with Peat, but some of his subjects cross over into Peat world such as thyroid, dhea cyproheptadine, clonidine, dnp, ghb, testosterone, cortisol, mct oil, amino acids etc... but a large part of his info is on other anabolic/androgenic hormones...Peat readers should be able to tell which info crosses over, and which does not.
    Perhaps he read some of Peat's news letters.
    There is an interesting 6 hour audio interview with him but it's too large to upload here.
    I have attached an interview of the guru/chemist who did some work with Dan, Patrick Arnold.
    Who talks a bit about Dan in this interview attached.

    Still fun to get an idea from fitness/bodybuilding history, and compare to today's coach's/personalities.
    Some of the various coachs/"guru's" from the fitness + bodybuilding industry are Vince Gironda, Bob Gruskin, Milos Sarcev, Chad Nicholls, Chris Aceto, Dave Palumbo, Dante Trudel, Hany Rambod, Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer, Stan Efferding...and other's(some from this forum also who do more Peat approach to hormones/nutrition/supps).


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    thanks for sharing @Insaneacinamide

    started listening to the first part of the interview.