Dairy-rich Diet Linked To Lower Risks Of Diabetes And High Blood Pressure


Nov 18, 2019
Dairy-rich diet linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure
And cluster of factors that increase heart disease and stroke risk (metabolic syndrome)

Eating at least two daily servings of dairy is linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as the cluster of factors that heighten cardiovascular disease risk (metabolic syndrome), finds a large international study.

Dairy-rich diet linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure: And cluster of factors that increase heart disease and stroke risk (metabolic syndrome)


Jul 31, 2019
Well not exactly..

"Total dairy and full fat dairy, but not low fat dairy, were associated with a lower prevalence of most components of metabolic syndrome"

Although I think the association between dairy and lower disease risks exists, I wouldn't give too much weight to these kinds of studies. The data these observational studies are based on (food questionnaires that are subject to recall) are very unreliable, and the confounding variables are far too many in order to draw meaningful conclusions. Other studies find the opposite with low-fat dairy being protective, and full-fat dairy being neutral or harmful.
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