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    Nov 22, 2013
    I recently saw a video on youtube, where this guy is totally trashing CYTOMEL (not cynomel) saying what a poisonous drug it is.

    He states that:

    a) It shuts down your own body's supply of thyroid hormone production
    b) It burns fat so efficiently, but also burns through muscle and that's why you see bodybuilders stacking it with steroids. Because it will literally burn through your muscle too. This guy is in bodybuilding, and states this informatiln through personal experience and his involvement in the scene. He has seen how his fellow bodybuilders shrink when they take this stuff. He advises to stay the hell away from it.

    He then argues that it's the same as taking endogenous testosterone, and seeing the same side effects (your body shutting down it's own supply, etc). Seems logical to me? Why would this not be true? There are always caveats with any pill that you put in your mouth, and there certainly isn't any wonder pill for any type of disorder. Drugs manage symptons, and usually at the cost of screwing you over in other ways.

    What does Ray Peat know that this guy doesn't?

    So, with the guy trashing cytomel - If he says that he's witnessed plenty of people shrink on it (lose muscle), and he's involved in such a community where he might see lots of people taking it (the bodybuilding community), who are you to believe? Ray Peat can say what he wants, but I find anecdotes just as valuable (and then I weigh up the evidence myself).

    I have just started taking CYNOMEL (because of this site) and I am seeing benefits from it. It hasn't raised my temperature yet, but it has benefitted me a lot mentally (seems to put me in a really good mood). I also have more energy. A weird effect though, has been it also causes me to stutter (on rare occasions). It's like my brain is already thinking of the word and trying to push it out as fast as possible, but my mouth is struggling to keep up. I haven't stuttered since I was a child. I wonder what could be causing that?

    So, if this guy thinks that CYTOMEL is bad stuff, what would make cynomel any different? Aren't they both T3?

    If what he says about side effects are true, I might have to think about stopping with the cynomel.

    Here's the vid:

    As an aside, can anybody here help me out and give me a crash course for dummies on thyroid hormone? If I benefit from cynomel (I'm taking 12.5mcg) - Would adding in T4 make any sort of differnce? What does T4 do, and what would it add on top of T3? Apologies for my noobness.
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    Oct 10, 2012

    He is right when he said that t3 can create muscle loss. However, those people are not only taking t3 but lowering calories and doing cardio 40 minutes a day. When one increase their metabolism with t3/t4 you need more calories to maintain muscle and tissue. I lost fat by eating more while on cynomel and cynoplus. I never did lose any muscle though.

    The thyroid gland doesn't shut down when on thyroid hormone. That is a myth, they probably think it shuts down because they feel so crappy. Most people who bodybuild or diet hard never experience normal thyroid function, so of course they are going to feel a big difference.

    Most of the thyroid hormone isn't produce in the thyroid. Its produced in the liver according the Broda Barnes. TSH is suppressed when one consumes t3/t4. But there are many benefits to suppressing TSH; increased longevity, adaptability and decrease in Heart Disease. ... eid=414170

    In recent years the “normal range” for TSH has been decreasing. In 2003, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists changed their guidelines for the normal range to 0.3 to 3.0 microIU/ml. But even though this lower range is less arbitrary than the older standards, it still isn't based on an understanding of the physiological meaning of TSH.....

    TSH has direct actions on many cell types other than the thyroid, and probably contributes directly to edema (Wheatley and Edwards, 1983), fibrosis, and mastocytosis. If people are concerned about the effects of a TSH “deficiency,” then I think they have to explain the remarkable longevity of the animals lacking pituitaries in W.D. Denckla's experiments, or of the naturally pituitary deficient dwarf mice that lack TSH, prolactin, and growth hormone, but live about a year longer than normal mice (Heiman, et al., 2003). Until there is evidence that very low TSH is somehow harmful, there is no basis for setting a lower limit to the normal range.
    Some types of thyroid cancer can usually be controlled by keeping TSH completely suppressed. Since TSH produces reactions in cells as different as fibroblasts and fat cells, pigment cells in the skin, mast cells and bone marrow cells (Whetsell, et al., 1999), it won't be surprising if it turns out to have a role in the development of a variety of cancers, including melanoma. ... dism.shtml

    I think maybe getting T4 serum check would be good, I use cynoplus going to bed and waking up.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I agree in a small way with one idea of the vid:

    T3 taking OUT OF CONTEXT only for weight loss is generally unwise. And, all due respect, many people hoping to achieve weight loss are aiming for social fashion and to look buff. It's better in the long term to aim for a youthful metabolism and a generative life.

    My impression is that far more people are suffering out of medical fear of thyroid augmentation than are abusing it for unwise weight loss. In terms of safety, by simple statistics, far more people are at risk taking Motrin than supplementary.

    I know many people, often on T4 for years, whose longtime problems were relieved by adding T3.

    With wise usage, I have little concern about thyroid function shutting down long term when supplementary thyroid is taken. The dogma about "thyroid supplementation for life" is a longer & different discussion. My view is that the first aim is for the person to be well. Once in restorative mode, supports may be tapered in some cases.

    I do not have a super quick one-size-fits-all thyroid tutorial and await others' feedback. I suggest checking and recording resting pulse and temperature at least for a few days every 2 weeks in the beginning. Also, go through a checklist of low thyroid symptoms so you can track different things that have been a problem and inventory how they improve.

    Without knowing specifics, in regard to the stuttering, consider keeping the fruit/fructose (and protein) intake adequate. Improved metabolism requires more, consistent fuel. If that's already good, pay attention to good intake in food of salt, magnesium, and calcium.

    Cytomel and cynomel should be the same bio-identical hormone. Some years back, The excipients in the Mexican version were somewhat different at one time, and there were individual differences to the two preparations. I have not compared ingredients recently.

    I probably won't watch more videos from this fellow, who seems to be interested in fostering a bodybuilder ethos not of interest to me. I am not eager to add to the Bios3Raw vid view count. YMMV.