Cronometer has removed Coffee?

CO2 Retainer

Apr 4, 2021
Don't understand me wrong, there are still some coffe variants to choose from but one was definitely removed from my favourite list and I can not find it anymore.

I bet there was another one, one of brewed real coffee, where I have gotten high Niacin and Magnesium from with like 4 cups but I get nothing with any of those options.
I know this might sound confusing but either they deleted a coffee option or I somehow tricked myself into believing that I had high Magnesium and Niacin sources in my daily diet ...

CO2 Retainer

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Apr 4, 2021

This thread reaffirms that I did not trick myself into believing or overestimating coffee's nutritional value.
So did Cronometer really delete an option? Can anyone confirm?

CO2 Retainer

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Apr 4, 2021
This one seems more in line with what Mittir was saying in the thread mentioned above


But still, there was an option with this nutritional data but already brewed. I just could enter the amount of cups I took and it was done but now I have to remember the instant coffee equivalent it seems.
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