Critique This Article From Charles Poliquin


Oct 8, 2012
Tip #5: Avoid Sugar, Grains & Manage Your Glycemic Index
Testosterone is temporarily reduced by having your blood sugar spike, and low T is pretty much a given if you have diabetes. For example, a new study found that men who had normal insulin health had a 25 percent decrease in T after ingesting a drink containing sugar. T remained low for 2 hours, and nearly 80 percent of the men had their T drop to levels that would be considered clinical testosterone deficiency.

This study tested an acute or one time spike in blood sugar, but if your blood sugar is elevated over and over again, the entire hormonal cascade will be thrown off and you will suffer from chronically low T. We saw in #4 how lack of sleep alters blood sugar management and insulin health, resulting in lower T and higher cortisol. With an unfavorable ratio of T to cortisol, you will experience a catabolic or tissue-degrading state, leading to muscle loss, and greater fat accumulation.

Solve High Blood Sugar/Low T: The solution is to eat for optimal T by managing your blood sugar response to food. This means that you should avoid foods that are quickly digested and lead your blood sugar to increase rapidly—glucose and other sugars are obvious, but many grains and all refined or processed foods should be eliminated from your diet.

Eat high-quality protein, healthy fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates like vegetables and low-sugar fruits. If you do eat foods that elevate blood sugar, pair them with foods that help moderate insulin and glucose—the herb fenugreek has been found to produce a lower glucose response when it is baked in whole grain bread or added to oatmeal. Berries and nuts have also been found to aid in lowering the glycemic response to high-carb foods.

Curt :-)

Nov 22, 2013
I used to be a massive CP fan, I even got a BioSignature certification. His methods are completely anti-Peat but they work. Most of the serious "Poliquin disciples" I've met/seen online are fricken monsters. And I never heard of any of those guys having thyroid issues. Charles' response to "I feel ***t on low carb" was to eat more salt, which makes sense in a Peat context I guess.
But anyways, I don't know what to make of the article or the study. Everyone talks studies, it doesn't seem to mean ***t anymore. There's a study to disprove everything that ever gets "proved" in a study.
My 2 cents


Nov 9, 2012
Yes, drinking pure sucrose alone creates stress. RP's articles are a lot about stable blood glucose.

That said, if you are hungry, what's worse - a spike of insulin and decrease in T, or an increase in other stress hormones due to insufficient glucose?


Jun 7, 2016
When I was a Personal Trainer I used to follow Charles and bought his books.

Charles Poliquin said he had a series of heart attacks in 1994 and was due to mercury poisoning from teeth fillings. He said the mercury blocks conversion of t4 to t3. I think there were other factors which lead to the heart attacks.

Charles Poliquin - No Holds Barred Interview (2005)

IMO he doesn't appear to be healthy looks and acts very tired and angry and has a very inflamed stomach. He is a proponent of resveratrol, eating of nuts, whey protein, green leafy vegetables, muscle meat, fish oil, low carb, eccentric training.


Apr 11, 2015
Arthroscopy, 2002. Randomized Controlled Double Blind Placebo Study: Charles Poliquin and Blood flow
Objective: To determine how much blood flow to Charles Poliquin's brain decreases while redirecting to his biceps.
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