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Covid "Vaccine" Adverse Reaction Reports (Post Here)

Old Irenaeus

Dec 24, 2020
You just love to argue just for the sack of it. You didn’t have to butt in with your inappropriate comparison. You could have just read my comment and moved on.
I don't agree with that. @tankasnowgod is one of the great b.s. destroyers of this forum. And I think the comparison was apt.


Apr 13, 2014
Yes. $200 here in Canada. We have no way of getting an Rx for IVM or even importing it, would be seized at customs. All the horse paste is long gone.
Check out equestrian suppliers. This company in Mississauga has ivermectin still listed:

I ordered from them this past summer. I live near them, and picked up my order.


Aug 1, 2017
Why did he take them himself instead of injecting them into the trash?
oh my god. just imagine the shedding off that guy...
No human can process the amount of toxins in 23 covid injections.

thats all the information thats been offered unfortunately, may be fake news for all i know - its been reported by a few bigger newspapers, but that doenst mean anything anymore as we all know.

trying to get confirmation and/or a name or any more details right now


Sep 21, 2014
That's two League One players in two days, right? Wasn't there a Sheffield player yesterday? (You lose track at some point)


Oct 19, 2019
And another one...



Oct 12, 2020
17 year old Pedro Acosta, ‘Moto3’ World Champion, COLLAPSES while giving press statement! The healthy and sporty young man collapsed suddenly and fell to the ground, to the desperation of the President of Murcia, Fernando Lopez Miras.
View: https://twitter.com/BBlues50/status/1463779732860846081


Feb 18, 2016
Did someone collapse during a basket ball game last night, ESPN switched the games over instantly when he collapsed.


Sep 21, 2014
It seems to me that soccer players in Europe are dropping like flies while we don't see the same thing in US sports. Is my perception wrong and if not, what could be the reason? Did most NBA or NFL players just get a placebo?

I don't follow college sports, so maybe my perception is skewed. But it seems to me that this seems to be a much bigger problem in European sports.
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