Covid "Vaccine" Adverse Reaction Reports (Post Here)


Oct 12, 2020
Sales of Pfizer drug for myocarditis treatment, Vyndamax, are up 77% in the US.

strong cross sell strategy, destroy peoples hearts with their vax and cure it with their other drug

Anticoagulants are up too meanwhile aspirin gets downgraded, we need to invent a stronger word than evil


Jan 25, 2014
This morning he said it is a vaxx injury, with a clot on his lung, but the medical establishment here won't admit it.
Of course they won't. Criminals don't like to admit to their crimes.

I believe he can report the incident to VAERS himself, if he is in the US.


Oct 19, 2019

The level of wilful blindness is incredible.


Dec 8, 2016

The level of wilful blindness is incredible.
I am reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Nazi Germany protesting pastor) and he offers a lot of insight around this.
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