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Countering The Side Effects Of AI's?

Discussion in 'Supplements, Pharmaceutical Drugs' started by LucyL, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. LucyL

    LucyL Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    Looks like I'm going to be starting Letrozole (and Goserelin, being pre-menopausal) as endocrine therapy for BC. AIs are a popular topic on the forum, and I've read through several threads, so if I've missed answers, I'd be grateful for the links. I'm trying to build a strategy to counter the side-effects, the typical bone loss, muscle pains as well as sudden-onset-menopause. Lowering the dosage probably isn't an option unless the side effects get really bad.

    It seems like many of the side effects are from the inhibition of progesterone and other beneficial sex-hormones.

    I have Progest-E, and take low-dose. What would be a good moderate dose? Would Pregnenolone be better? I take Vit D, Magnesium, thyroid glandular, (also the Care Oncology protocol of Metformin/Atorvastatin/Menbendezole/Doxycyline). Diet is focusing on calcium/phosphorus ratio, so milk and cheese are in, and keeping PUFA as low as possible. Also in the supplement cabinet are Oxidal, Vit C, Aspirin, Puyrucet and others.
  2. André Luiz

    André Luiz Member

    Sep 25, 2017
    Physical exercise.
    Magnesium and aspirin can probably take care of most side effects.
    Exemestane dont mess with progesterone and may be good for the liver.