Could Increased Emotionality Associated With DecreasedSerotonin?n

Discussion in 'Male Issues' started by Jamesu, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Jun 17, 2019
    Hi folks,
    I'm currently under a fair amount of stress from uni and relationship changes and I've come to realise that I am experiencing greater sensitivity to emotions.
    I'm slightly more emotional than the average bloke and I've always been very empathetic ever since I was a child, however it definitely did decrease with age which I sense was a sign of higher serotonin, slower metabolism and authoritarian attitudes.
    I'm now almost a year into RP style living and eating and I'm concerned that lowering serotonin denatures the mechanism for tolerating negative emotions, which has been quite detrimental to my study, despite having great clarity of mind and creative flow. It could also be that I'm "getting younger", in the sense that I'm physically capable of handling the intensity which might have existed if I were to be in this situation as a "child".

    Can anyone else relate to this? Could this be a sign that serotonin is dropping or rather a sign that I'm independently becoming more neurotic for completely unrelated reasons... I just recall what it was like in the prime of my pufa-plant based days and I felt more "alpha" and content - not hungry or connected, just stable... Could serotonin be important for maturity in adults?