Could Bamboo Extract As A Supplement Do The Same As Bamboo Shoots?


Jul 3, 2016
See title. I am really wondering, it would make things alot easier. Bamboo extract is a popular supplement.


Sep 29, 2017
interestint thought. would be nice to know as i tried to find a way to eat bamboo shoots every day on a regular basis but couldnt find any way to make it taste good except in a chinese dish cooked in a wok. but i dont wanna eat or cook that ever day.

Dave Clark

Jun 2, 2017
Isn't bamboo extract high in silica, which Ray Peat is not in favor of, if I read correctly. Supposedly, bamboo extract can have 70% silica content.

x-ray peat

Dec 8, 2016
Just guessing here but I think the benefit of bamboo shoots, like carrots, is in its fibrous structure which absorbs bile acids and endotoxins. Not sure if silica would do the same.


Jul 2, 2017
+Bamboo is high in silica-
Might the form of silica (synthetic or natural) make the difference in whether or not it harms or heals? What about the touted "bio-available" forms of silica, like monomethylsilantriol and to a lesser extent orthosilicic acid? Are these the forms found in whole bamboo as well as the popular silica supplements like Bio-sil or Orgono?
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x-ray peat

Dec 8, 2016
I think there may be a persorption risk. Basically the glass like molecules can get into your bloodstream and clog up the capilaries


Mar 29, 2014
Just guessing here but I think the benefit of bamboo shoots, like carrots, is in its fibrous structure which absorbs bile acids and endotoxins.
I thought that was the point of Peat's recommendation too.
For which purpose bamboo extract would be as pointless as carrot juice.
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