Cottage Cheese And Fruits Or Milk And Sugar ?

Discussion in 'Diet' started by Polo Saad, Jul 26, 2018.

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    May 6, 2018
    Hey everyone on the forums I have been cutting for a while because I have been bulking for 7 months now and I have added enough muscle mass with very little fat.I'm incorporating some fasting to my diet to control appetite and make eating at a calorie deficit easier. And also, I'm EatingRay Peat recommended foods (Dairy,Fruit,OJ..).So far I have been feeling great even though I'm losing fat and my waist is getting smaller.But today and yesterday I have experimented something interesting when I broke that fast.

    If I broke my fast with a cottage cheese fruit salad its a small tub of 3% cottage cheese (200g) and some fruits which is I think its 75% ripe like peaches plums they where juicy and sweet and the bananas was so sweet I tried a bite before putting them).And that meal was like 500 calories.I usally break my fast with fresh OJ by itself and its highly refreshing and satisfying.

    Plums + Peaches = 220kcal
    Cottage cheese = 120 calories
    And I had a cup of coffee next to it. (60mg of caffiene)

    After finishing this meal I was still kinda hungry TBH.And if I hadn't any work to do I would have eaten more.And after 2 hours I had :-

    2 cups of 1% milk 180kcal
    35g white sugar
    all mixed together and did put 2g of instant coffee (60mg of caffiene as well) according to the container.

    So,although it was less nutritious because I have added sugar instead of peaches ,plums and bananas.And lower in calories and protien.I was more satisfied and even till this moment that I'm writing this thread lol .I have experimented this many times.And its not because it was my second meal,Because sometimes I would eat it as my first meal as well.So,What could be the cause?I would be very happy guys If you would tell me what is happening.And I'm not worrying about adding 35-70g of white sugar to my diet because the rest of my diet is highly nutrient dense I drink lots of OJ which is very very satisfying by itself.I think maybe I should stick to only Sugar and OJ for carbs in addition to the lactose in milk (40g) ?

    One last bonus question is I feel really hot after eating my meals why is it ? Like some rice (I Don't eat much rice/starch. Just a bit to get little more manganese) and OJ with lean beef and coffee to slow the Iron absorption I heard OJ helps to slow the abosrbtion of iron altough it contains vitamin C which helps to absorb Iron.Or the sugared milk mentioned above?I just want to make sure I'm OK.