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CortiNon - Liquid Progesterone/DHEA Mix

  1. This product does not really need any introduction to anybody familiar with Peat's work. I have wanted to release it for a long time but over the last few months the studies I found related to the anabolic and anticatabolic effects of progesterone, combined with the fact that Peat has told quite a few people over email that he used this combination of steroids, convinced me that it is worth it.
    Unlike other products, there won't be as many references listed in support of this product but I think even the few ones below are enough to give an idea about its properties.
    The name CortiNon was coined due to the known main effects of both progesterone and DHEA - i.e. antagonism to cortisol, both at the receptor level (progesterone) and functionally (progesterone & DHEA).

    The units listed on the label are just for measurement purposes. They do not indicate suggested or optimal dose. Please note that similar to the products sold by companies like BluePeptides, this product is for lab/research use only. The product can be ordered from the link below:

    CortiNon is a combination of the steroids progesterone and DHEA, which have a number of desirable properties as demonstrated by numerous studies - i.e. anti-glucocorticoid, anti-inflammatory, anti-endotoxin, anti-viral, anti-mutagenic, antimicrobial, anti-cancer, anxiolytic, antidepressant, and generally anti-aging.

    Serving size: 4 drops
    Servings per container: about 90
    Each serving contains the following ingredients:

    Progesterone: 5mg
    DHEA: 5mg

    Other ingredients: SFA esters, ethanol


    Anti-Catabolic / Myotrophic / Androgenic

    1. Progesterone
    The Anti-cortisol Mechanism Of Progesterone
    The Anabolic Effects Of Progesterone
    Progesterone Is Androgenic
    Progesterone Is As Anabolic For Muscle As Testosterone (in Women)

    2. DHEA
    DHEA, In Low Doses, Directly Inhibits Cortisol Synthesis
    DHEA Enhances Cortisol Degradation
    DHEA Has Very Similar Anabolic Activity To DHT
    DHEA, a selective glucocorticoid receptor antagonist: its role in immune system regulation and metabolism. - PubMed - NCBI
    Low-dose DHEA Inhibits Aromatase By 35% And Endotoxin Blocks That Effect

    3. Combination
    The Requirements For An Optimal Anticatabolic / Anabolic Substance (progesterone + DHEA)
    Ray Peat Email Advice Depository
    6-Ketoprogesterone and its biological actions. - PubMed - NCBI
    "...The results are summarized in Table 6. The extracts of the samples, in which progesterone and dehydroepiandrosterone were used as substrate resulted in the strongest hypertrophy of the preputial gland and had the strongest myotrophic action of all. Both of the actions of the products which come from the incubation of the villus with 17(a)-hydroxyprogesterone were much weaker."
  2. Thanks man! This combination of steroids (progesterone+DHEA) has been so much effective at negating work-related stress that I can't help but wonder that men need progesterone just like women. I take at least 2 drops of Progestene (3.33 mg progesterone) and one drop Pansterone (1.25 mg DHEA/preg) almost daily, so this new product I think will be more practical for me. How do you feel haidut after you take some of this product?
  3. Was the name CushingQuashing too many syllables ? :-}
  4. Proper male sexual function absolutely requires progesterone as this is the steroid that is the main endogenous antagonist to cortisol at the "receptor" level. You can have high T levels but if cortisol is also high, then T will not only go towards estrogen due to high aromatase activity, but it will also not do much for sexual activity. And of course, brain function cannot be optimal without progesterone. Up until the mid-teens males and females produce equal amount of progesterone. Here are some things to consider.
    Does male sexual behavior require progesterone? - PubMed - NCBI
    Progesterone reduces erectile dysfunction in sleep-deprived spontaneously hypertensive rats
    Influence of progesterone on sexual performance in male rats. - PubMed - NCBI

    I get the typical anti-cortisol effects - quick reduction of belly area within 30min of using, relaxation but no sedation (possible due to DHEA balancing the sedation of progesterone), improved muscle tone, reduced hunger and ability to go longer without food, and of course higher temps.
  5. Yes, but I like it anyways :):
    I would have gone with CortiBan but there is unfortunately a (defunct) vitamin product which used the same name so I did not want our to get confused with it. If you have other suggestions I am all ears though.
  6. It seems that dopamine exerts some of it's pro-libido effects through the progesterone receptor as well.

    Not sure about the use of the word 'unoccupied' receptor in the last study here.

    Reproduction. 2001 Dec;122(6):847-55.
    Ligand-independent activation of progestin receptors: relevance for female sexual behaviour.
    Auger AP1.
    Traditionally, steroid receptors were believed to be activated only by ligand binding; however, recent studies indicate that steroid receptors can also be activated by mechanisms that do not require ligand, referred to as ligand-independent activation. Specifically, progestin receptors can be activated in vitro and in vivo after treatment with neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, in the absence of progesterone. Furthermore, mating-related stimuli can also lead to ligand-independent activation of progestin receptors in female rat brain. This finding indicates that environmental stimuli can influence steroid receptor-dependent processes in the absence of circulating hormone. This review focuses on studies indicating that progestin receptors can be activated in the absence of progesterone to influence neuronal response and sexual behaviour in rodents.

    Science. 1994 Aug 26;265(5176):1246-9.
    Convergent pathways for steroid hormone- and neurotransmitter-induced rat sexual behavior.
    Mani SK1, Allen JM, Clark JH, Blaustein JD, O'Malley BW.
    Estrogen and progesterone modulate gene expression in rodents by activation of intracellular receptors in the hypothalamus, which regulate neuronal networks that control female sexual behavior. However, the neurotransmitter dopamine has been shown to activate certain steroid receptors in a ligand-independent manner. A dopamine receptor stimulant and a D1 receptor agonist, but not a D2 receptor agonist, mimicked the effects of progesterone in facilitating sexual behavior in female rats. The facilitory effect of the neurotransmitter was blocked by progesterone receptor antagonists, a D1 receptor antagonist, or antisense oligonucleotides to the progesterone receptor. The results suggest that in rodents neurotransmitters may regulate in vivo gene expression and behavior by means of cross-talk with steroid receptors in the brain.

    Mol Endocrinol. 1996 Dec;10(12):1728-37.
    Dopamine requires the unoccupied progesterone receptor to induce sexual behavior in mice.
    Mani SK1, Allen JM, Lydon JP, Mulac-Jericevic B, Blaustein JD, DeMayo FJ, Conneely O, O'Malley BW.
    Using the recently generated mutant mice strain (PRKO) carrying a null mutation for the progesterone receptor (PR) gene by gene targeting, we examined the critical role of PR as a coordinator of key regulatory events involved in the steroid hormone and dopamine-facilitated sexual behavior in female mice. In vitro one-point binding analyses of estradiol benzoate (EB)-induced cellular PRs and immunohistochemistry of PR in the mediobasal hypothalamus demonstrated a reduction in binding in the homozygous females, equivalent to background levels seen in EB-unresponsive tissue. The biochemical findings correlated well with the behavioral observations, with the wild type females exhibiting high levels of lordosis, while the homozygous females showed minimal lordosis in response to mating by male mice. As a critical validation of our earlier studies on ligand-independent activation of PRs by dopamine, we examined the facilitation of sexual behavior by a dopamine agonist in the null mutants. Wild type females having the full complement of PRs exhibited high levels of lordosis, while the homozygous females showed minimal lordosis in response to dopamine. To determine whether this reduced response was due to a general lack of ability to express lordosis, mice were treated with another neurotransmitter, serotonin. No significant difference in the serotonin-facilitated lordosis response was observed between the wild type and the homozygous females. We conclude that multiple signal transduction pathways coexist in the neuroendocrine system for reproductive behavior, with PR acting as a transcriptional mediator for dopamine, as well as progesterone, to achieve integration of neural communication in the central nervous system.
  7. Ordered. What's the best time of day to take this - am, pm, divided between both? I sleep fine on Progestene before bed, but don't know about DHEA. I am subject to insomnia.
  8. [QUOTE="Haidut
    I get the typical anti-cortisol effects - quick reduction of belly area within 30min of using, relaxation but no sedation (possible due to DHEA balancing the sedation of progesterone), improved muscle tone, reduced hunger and ability to go longer without food, and of course higher temps.[/QUOTE]

    I get similar effects combining androsterone (4 drops) and pansterone (4 drops) in the morning, with the difference that rather relaxation I feel more focused, alert, and aggressive. All other points (increased muscle tone, reduced hunger, leaning out, higher temps etc.) are the same.

    However I am interested in this new product too
  9. Is this vehicle as effective as vitamin E?
  10. How interesting! Thanks so much.
    So, dopamine is an endogenous ligand for PR? No wonder Peat likes both and has been writing about them for so long. It would also explain why dopamine agonists are useful for breast cancer and other hyperestrogenic conditions like gyno. I wonder if serotonin is a ligan for the estrogen and cortisol receptors... Do you have anything on that?
  11. I don't think it causes insomnia, at least not in my case. It is less sedating than pure progesterone though. So, I think it can be taken at any time but as @Koveras said is progesterone and dopamine upregulate each other's function and this combination is dopaminergic then it may be best to take in the morning.
  12. Great, thanks for sharing. Have you done any labs while taking androsterone and Pansterone?
  13. The studies I have seen with the SFA ester were specifically on transdermal absorption of progesterone and it was as effective as DMSO. I don't think it has the steroid potentiating effects of DMSO, but it should give better absorption than vitamin E (which has not been tested formally bu Peat claims is about 25%).
  14. This is one of the things I find hard to see as objective marker, increased hunger is a sign of increased metabolism but increased hunger is a sign of higher cortisol. Same when you said feeling cold means one has higher temperature but people reported the opposite more often, or faster pulse may be cause by improved thyroid or stress hormones.

    Out of curiosity why is progesterone for lab research while pregnenolone and dhea are not?
  15. The effects of cortisol could go either way. It's typical effect is usually suppression of hunger due to it elevating blood sugar. As far as temps, when I say feeling cold I mean extremities not core temps, which as you noted are usually higher when somebody feels cold.
    The difference in status is due to the fact that progesterone is not really a dietary supplement under FDA regulations (unlike pregnenolone and DHEA). In some states there has even been enforcement against companies selling progesterone. It happened at the state level, but still the legal rationale given was that progesterone is a steroid with dangerous health effects. California is one such state.
  16. Damn Californians :). I was under the impression that pregnenolone mostly metabolized into progesterone. Like as much as 80%. How distinct are the effects from pansterone and CortiNon? Seems like they would be very similar.
  17. Personally, I find Pansterone to be much more androgenic and muscle enhancing, while CortiNon to be mostly anti-catabolic and some mental benefits as well. CortiNon shrinks my belly pretty quickly when I am stressed while Pansterone makes me look buff.
  18. A quick question for females @haidut With progest-e there is that initial phase of higher doses that they say has to be done to avoid aromatization of progesterone to estro. What would happen with the smaller doses of this product for girls if not currently taking a progesterone product, would it be fine to just use small doses or would they have to do the initial doses of plain progest-e for instance and then continue with this product? Thanks mate. Looks like another cracking product!
  19. Nice :).
    Nice. Thanks. Looking forward to giving it a shot
  20. Haidut I’m a little confused on how lowering cortisol has made it easier for you to go for a while without food. Wouldn’t lowering cortisol limit gluconeogenesis from muscle tissue making you burn glycogen faster and then you’d get hungry and tired more quickly?

    I know there are various complicated pathways for glucose and cortisol but I guess I’m asking if you’re warmer and with lower cortisol, what are you burning for energy and where is it coming from?
  21. If I can throw in my 2 cents here...
    When talking about lowering cortisol, it is intended to mean lowering a pathological, elevated state of cortisol. We live with stress; the more "modern" the more fast-paced, the more hectic, the more stressful. By lowering cortisol in such a way, to a physiological healthy state, which means good thyroid function, metabolism, liver, we find efficient use of glucose. This efficiency would then yield actually longer times in between food and in states of food emergency, the body can properly respond with cortisol to stay alive. But when cortisol is actively and chronically elevated, you end up not making efficient use of glucose as well as damaging the body and organs. Cortisol can either be this occasional necessary evil or it can be an overt evil. A healthy body/metabolism makes cortisol as the former.
  22. +1 great simple response.
  23. Right I had a feeling that would be the response. How is the glucose used more efficiently? Is it about more oxidative phosphorylation vs glycation ? Or is it about better insulin sensitivity? Or some other factors?
  24. @lisaferraro thanks, I always say k.i.s.s. to myself :joyful:

    Oxidative phosphorylation probably as the ultimate, yes. Versus a "diabetic state" = glucose not being used for energy. There is eating and taking in of the nutrient but it is not being used. Cortisol adds to this blockade... Versus creating lactic acid. Sure glucose can be derived from that but that comes at a cost. The liver has to use more energy to create useful energy. Glycation of course we want less of, and sadly for sugar (and protein) unsaturated lipid oxidation victimizes the two. It's known that pufa causes much more damage and glycation rendering both useful things essentially useless.
  25. Thanks. I actually meant to say aerobic glycolysis not glycation.
  26. That's quite OK, it all still fits in the context of overall good oxidative metabolism. :handok:
  27. I don't understand why this product exists, how different could it be from pansterone ?
  28. From Haidut, in a previous post:

    "Personally, I find Pansterone to be much more androgenic and muscle enhancing, while CortiNon to be mostly anti-catabolic and some mental benefits as well. CortiNon shrinks my belly pretty quickly when I am stressed while Pansterone makes me look buff."
  29. Pregnenolone =/= progesterone.
  30. Is this meant to be used on our subjects as topical or oral? If topical, what's the best place?
  31. I have found that oral use raises my temps more than topical.
  32. Thanks brix
  33. When stress hormones are lower, it gives the thyroid a break. With better thyroid you are much more efficient with glucose metabolism and do not need to eat as often. Peat spoke of this a few times in his articles. This is why children can go much longer than adults without food (play all day or sleep through the night without waking up from a stress response).
  34. Sadly 4 drops of thie have found there way into my morning coffee this week. I can be clumsy.

    I also decided to 'NoFap' from the first of Jan as it makes keeping track easy.

    Is it feasible that Cortinon could help with either impulse control or libido 'appropriateness'? A week in and I'm aware that 'the boys ' are full but it's not the constant urge and nagging I was used to struggling through. Loving this. It's hard to explain but it feels like things are working together rather than an internal fight. I'm aware of how good it would feel to take matters into my own hands :D but that's about it

    I can't think of anything else that's changed.
  35. Any plans to have a mct/toco version of this?
  36. So far, this is the first request like that we are getting. If enough people ask for it then yes, but I think the SFA esters + ethanol option seems to be well liked so far.
  37. Great stuff Haidut.

    So for reducing cortisol and estrogen levels for a man in his late 20s would you say Cortinon or Pansterone is better?
  38. Hard to say, I would try either one and use whichever one works better.
  39. I am very interested in this supplement as i barely notice anything from pregnenolone. I think the DHEA in pansterone makes a difference for me, but the pure preg is negligible. @haidut @dand and others, what are some of the effects you get from progesterone that you don't get from preg? I am almost done with my Pansterone, and am thinking about ordering this supplement next instead of pure progesterone or pansterone again.
  40. As I mentioned, progesterone (on its own or in combination with DHEA) shrinks my midsection noticeably and within 10min of taking it. It is mostly water retention, especially at the end of a stressful work day. On its own, progesterone is very sedating for me, but in combination with DHEA it seems to lose much of the sedation effects which is very welcome as a supplement to be used during the day.
  41. I think I will try CortiNon in the am and Progestene/Androsterone in pm...small doses.
  42. @haidut
    Just wondering how progesterone in this dosage as 5mg would affect a man? Would it lower testosterone or help testosterone by lowering cortisol etc? what's your thoughts? I'm a bit confused since some guys reporting different. What's the pros and cons for taking the as a man? I want you to sell it to me hahaha
  43. In lower doses it should oppose estrogen and cortisol without negatively affecting androgens much. In fact, progesterone stimulated StAR and 3b-HSD activity, which means it may even raise T levels when used in low doses (<10mg).
    Stimulatory effect of LH, PGE2 and progesterone on StAR protein, cytochrome P450 cholesterol side chain cleavage and 3beta hydroxysteroid dehydroge... - PubMed - NCBI
  44. Thanks a lot really appreciate the quick answer and link to study. KING!
  45. How would this product play out in comparison to panesterone when applied to the gonads?

    Any theories?
  46. Human in-vitro studies show that pregnenolone is a preferred substrate for T synthesis compared to progesterone, but both can be used as raw material. So, the gonads will use whatever you give them. I have not gotten much feedback on using CortiNon that way though, so can't say much for now.
  47. Happily been doing Pansterone/Androsterone/Progestene/Calcirol, 1 drop each in the evening....recently added 1 shot (drop) CortiNon/Calcirol each in the mornings (the icing on the cake?)...Man, I can't imagine feeling any better than this.....thanks Mr Giorgi!
  48. How long have you been doing this?
  49. The pm regimen for months...the am one for about 12 days
  50. Thanks.
  51. Back in the day, this was my favorite steroid combination. The progesterone counteracted the estrogenic and anxiogenic effects of the DHEA, while the DHEA added more OOMPH (androgenicity) to the progesterone.
  52. Hmm. This is why I brought up the gonads application aspect. Panesterone on the gonads always gives me estrogenic side effects. Surely this would be less estrogenic. DHEA is like a dumb young male with lots of spunk, but spraying everywhere uncrollably. Progesterone is the sensible one who can help out.

    But maybe panesterone + progestene (on the gonads) would be even better.
  53. what would estroban be ? the children ?
  54. @haidut

    Have you had any complaints about the current bottle you are using for CortiNon? I have to squeeze the bottle hard for a drop to come out, and although I get lucky at times with only one drop coming out, it happens frequently that multiple drops come out all at once. and fast enough where its hard to count them. I only use this sparingly, only 2 drops per application. I tried sticking the end of a toothpick in it thinking it was just clogged, but that hasn't worked.
  55. I can tell you that in my case I use pansterone on the testes and 3x a week a few drops of Pg from you and I feel great. Drive goes up and my penis is relaxed and hangs low like he's ready. So this combo should be great. Maybe even a 3 some product one day..lol. Pg, DHEA and Pregnenolone....
  56. I have also had a similar ptoblem

    I transferred one bottle to a gorilla vape bottle I bought myself
  57. Some of the steroid can precipitate if it has been transported in very cold weather, which is what s happening right now with USPS pretty much anywhere in the USA. Just warming it up for 10sec in the microwave and shaking should resolve this issue for good.
  58. I thought about having a combination of the 3 but it will provide a fix ratio of the 3 steroids and the same ratio does not work for everybody. Even a 2-steroid optimal ratio is hard to nail but at least there are some studies and suggestions from peat to work with. So, for now I think a Pansterone + Progestene, or CortiNon + StressNon combo would be the most reasonable approach as you can vary the ratio and experiment until you find what works best.
  59. I plan on doing just that!!! +)) All is well in the land!
  60. Can you elaborate a bit on the benefits (or drawbacks) you have experienced during nofap?
  61. Are there any females using CortiNon with positive results?

    I'm in my late twenties and my progesterone levels are low but progesterone alone tends to give me increased adrenaline, and sometimes a pounding heart...etc... I just don't know what would be better for my situation (anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, bulging veins etc....)

    I am looking at CortiNon, StressNon and Pansterone.
    I've read DHEA can increase anxiety and that Pregnenolone is safer than progesterone..
    (I'm wondering if the latter just applies to men...?)

    Any experiences with CortiNon/StressNon or suggestions from all sexes would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.
  62. I just like the way it feels. That doesn't make it any less of a struggle. Sadly
  63. It doesn't make what any less a struggle, exactly? Picking up strange and alluring women?
  64. I mean not wanking :D
  65. Is this combo still working? Does it make you feel energized, mellow or somewhere in between?
  66. After all this time I'm still experimenting...that combo was fine, felt all the above, but felt Andro possibly causing relationship problems...have always been cautious about it, even though the benefits seem impressive. Now I'm being cautious about dhea again because of my adiposity and lack of definitive knowledge...even after so many forum threads.
    At the moment I'm doing several drops Pansterone in the am and pm...thinking of replacing eve dose w Cortinon 1 or 2 drops...the fact that I have no access to labs here has made this all difficult for me as I'm usually quite anal about this dosing stuff...and that is why my dosages are always on the "wimpy" side...compared to others on the forum. I'm going to hold to the basic 3...still just not sure of dosage when taking these continually...I'm 74...comments invited and appreciated.
  67. I noticed I gained weight from this product
  68. No such thing Mr. John :): Knowledge is always tentative. The questions is more about going in the right direction or not.
    Ray Peat quotes - 180 Degree Health
    "...“Once we accept that knowledge is tentative, and that we are probably going to improve our knowledge in important ways when we learn more about the world, we are less likely to reject new information that conflicts with our present ideas. The attitude of expectancy will allow us to apply insights gained at one level of generality to other levels. No particular kind of knowledge will have such authority that it will automatically exclude certain possibilities in another field of knowledge.”
  69. You are right, of course, Mr. Gyorgyi...didn't express my needs correctly...am frustrated and a little desperate...don't have all the years you all have to grow knowledge... Mostly I just need some simple guidance to get over the hump at times, when I am faced w so many conflicting ideas and experiences and no labs...don't expect anyone to show me the way...we have to travel the road ourselves....better quit while I'm ahead....don't know what I'm trying to say...thanks, as usual for your reply...knew you would!
  70. I also get stuck sometimes, but usually introducing some simple change like different dose of supplement or adding/removing one is enough novelty to reset the mechanism and provide benefit. I think the organism has an inherent need for novelty in any experience - food, fun, supplements, drinks, music, etc.
  71. Could you do the DUTCH hormone test? I ordered it through @skycop00 and it came in the mail. You just urinate on 4 pieces of paper, let it dry and mail it back. I didn't need to go to a doctor or even leave my home to do the test. You get the results by email. It's an out of pocket expense but for what I'd pay to have all the hormones checked separately it seemed a good way to go.
    Precision Analytical DUTCH Urine Test Results. Good Stuff
  72. Thanks Mae!...looks good except that would cost me $800 BZ dollars...had no idea about hormonal testing expense...but I will consider it...I really would like to know where I am...some sort of baseline...the only/closest thing I can get here is prolactin test...not sure all that would tell me.
  73. I didn't want to part with $299 USD myself but I have some menopause issues I'm sorting out and with only a catastrophic insurance plan it was the best option I could find. If you decide to do the test I hope it works out well and you get a better idea of your baseline hormones.
  74. Thanks Mae, I wish you well too...
  75. There was something whiteish around the bottle where the cap sits, it had a cream like consistency. What was that?
  76. The liquid that drops down the bottle neck (when flipping the bottle upside down and back) evaporates and leave some steroids in a paste-like form around the neck of the bottle. The same would occur if you put a few drops on a warm surface and led the liquid gradually evaporate.
  77. Oh, i see. Thank you for the quick answer!
  78. Would it be stupid to apply the CORTINON topically on belly for a male if the idea is to have it absorb into the fat layer? This supplement seems to be best applied topically as I have read?

    Also does anyone know if the DHEA component or the combination has a negative affect on scalp hair or male pattern baldness? This combination seems to be great as ANTI hair-loss in men as these protective hormones are increased and estrogen and cortisol are lowered.

    **My experience in the last month has been to quit Rx meds: 100 mg Pristiq, 400 mg Wellbutrin SR, 30 mg Busiprone, 1 mg Clonopin.***
    -- No more withdrawal but it was bumpy
    -- Lowered blood pressure to normal, better mood, LESS anxiety, NO depression
    -- Normalized appetite
    -- Clearer skin
    -- Better bowel movements

    I added 8-10 drops TYROMAX split between am/pm > SUBLINGUAL
    I added 8-10 drops DIAMANT split between am/pm > SUBLINGUAL (this one is seemingly a huge benefit to mood and anti depressive and anti anxiety)

    The additions have created a calm low anxiety environment with normal appetite, good sleep, increased libido, THIS must be from dropping toxic Rx meds and adding IdeaLabs supplements. I HOPE THIS ISN'T MY IMAGINATION

    I am now adding CORTINON maybe 4 drops daily to LOWER estrogen and cortisol. My hope is it won't provoke male pattern baldness. My next step is to quit 1mg finesteride. I am worried about hairloss which has stabilized from finesteride and minoxidil, LLLT, and ketoconazole shampoo.

    SO THE MAIN ISSUE IS I AM HOPING CORTINON CAN HELP hormonally without contradicting the 5AR suppression of the finesteride.

    Thank You
  79. I don't think there is an issue with using CortiNon on the belly. Some people also use it on their scalp to promote hair growth, especially when combined with SolBan or thyroid.
  80. Wow thanks, last thing was my concern about DHEA or not and hair loss. I bought both CORTINON and PROGESTENE. I just want to lab test the appropriate one.

  81. Peat has actually recommended progesterone/DHEA combination on the scalp to treat hair loss. So, in reasonable doses of <5mg DHEA per sitting I don't see an issue with it.
  82. Would there be some sort of benefit in applying CortiNon or Progestene topically with a drop of TocoVit mixed in with it on the skin? I did this today and feel pretty good.
  83. Congratulations! Did you wean off gradually?
  84. The SFA esters in CortiNon/Progestene may help both the tocopherols and policosanol in TocoVit absorb through the skin better than they normally would. There may be additional synergies but this the most obvious one to me.
  85. I had a taper set by my doctor that I accelerated. It took me 3 weeks to wean off which was way more aggressive on my part. I just kept reducing dosages to see what would happen. The Pristiq was the worst withdrawal - several weeks. It was manageable though with determination - really not that bad just brain fog and brain zaps/temper flareups.

    It was the BEST move I could have ever made! Now on to healing my body.

    Thanks for the kind words!
  86. Really happy for you and honoring your determination. You MADE the right decision!
  87. That's fantastic! Thanks for the details.
  88. is this 100% soluble ?

    do both dhea and progesterone dissolve in this liquid ?
  89. In which liquid - the SFA esters + ethanol we use as solvent? Yes, they dissolve fully in it.
  90. Does this come in only SFA ester/ethanol?
  91. So far yes, but we will be adding a tocopherol/MCT option this week.
  92. Thanks!
  93. are you supposed to take this orally? it tastes a bit funny.
  94. Nope, it is designed for topical use. Neither the SFA ester nor the ethanol are likely to be pleasant tasting :):
    We have a tocopherol/MCT version ready and I will probably post it by the end of this week so people will be able to choose solvent options like for Pansterone.
  95. Hey @Blossom, @tara, @lisaferraro - since you asked about this in the past - CortiNon now has an option for tocopherol/MCT as solvent. If you know others that asked about such an option please let them know. Thx.
  96. Thank you.
  97. Fantastic! Was waiting to order. I will let several friends know about this :): Thank you for tagging me.
  98. Lisa, why this option for you?
  99. I am perimenopausal and want to help from both androgen side and progesterone. My other androgen options (as far as I have researched) are estrogen and testosterone - neither seem correct for me.
  100. Just wanted to say thank you.