Copper bracelets


Oct 14, 2012
I know of several people who have worn copper bracelets and after a while you can visibly see it absorbing into the skin (If I remember correctly the skin goes green under the location of the bracelet). After a while they saw marked improvements in joint mobility and a decrease in joint pain/arthritic pain. All of that is anecdotal.

I have seen literature in the past from the scientific community ridiculing the bracelets and a lot of anecdotal evidence of people who have benefited from them.

Knowing peats views on copper and iron would this potentially be a good way to supplement copper? Would these bracelets encourage too much absorption?

Also, off topic - So many people say fizzy drinks get rid of their sore throats - Anything to do with the CO2 from the fizz? I think so. I'm noticing anecdotal things like this all of the time from people and many of these things can be put into a peat context as to why these things work.

Please correct me if im wrong.


Jan 1, 2013
Hi everyone.

I believe in order to assimilate metals, they need to be in organic form, not inorganic.
This means they need to be incorporated in a plant, that you would then ingest and adsorb it's copper.

Otherwise, we would be able to feed from rocks, ground, etc...

Now, maybe some bacterial film forms itself on the bracelet's surface, and somehow the skin recuperates the copper, but that's pure speculation from my part.


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
burtlancast, welcome to the forum!


Jan 1, 2013
Charlie said:
burtlancast, welcome to the forum!

Thanks, Charlie

This is a great community to be part of.


Jul 24, 2012
An email from Ray regarding the potential risk of absorbing too much copper via bracelet: "I don't think it's a risk, unless you have very sweaty skin and a big bracelet."
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