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Context of coconut oil consumption

  1. Are there differences on the effects of coconut oil when it's eaten with a grated raw carrot and when it's eaten with the other foods (like adding it to OJ, or using it to fried an egg)?
  2. What I remember Peat writing was that the
    carrot, coconut oil, and salt
    each had their own antibiotic properties.
    So kinduv a synergistic effect I guess.

    He said that the carrot was, nutritionally, a "subtractive"
    (I think that was the term he used?),
    but it was the carrot's antibiotic fiber
    that made it valuable.
  3. Is salt supposed to go with the raw carrot?
  4. Yes, as I recall, all three: carrot, CO, and salt.
    They kinduv work together.