ConsumerLabs tested multivitamins and some did not pass


Jun 18, 2013
I dont know if you seen this already, ConsumerLabs gives a free access to a report they did on multivitamins and some supplement companies failed. I was kind of suprised a few very common brands failed the test. Weird, since their are supposed to be GMP, and one of them even says on the label (at least of some products) that they are third party tested. ... =DROZTRIAL


I used Country Life Vitamin A, natural, all I got was allergic reactions.


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Jun 18, 2013
Vitamin A content in a multi is where a manufacturing error is most unpleasant. Its not that bad if there is too little, but too much is. Its kind of funny that the ones that talk the most about certificates and testing failed. Mercola has even some ISO standards and in the end fails. But it could be that the methylated version of b9, folate could be easily oxidized.
Nov 26, 2013
They only test for one heavy metal, that subscription cannot be worth the money.
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