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Consciousness And Spirituality Through The Peat Prism?

  1. I used to be skeptical about spirituality/mysticism because we can find a lot of sectarianism, fanatism and assumptions in these fields, but 2 years ago I had a Kundalini experience with out of body experience and it has changed my whole perspective of looking at life.

    I've read that it has kind of been proven that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of matter because we can be out of our body when clinically dead and see what happens in real time and then remember and tell to others what happened when we come back to life (I don't remember if I have read it on Peat's website or elsewhere, like in a Holotropic breathing book from Stan Grof).
    By the way, what do you guys think about this holotropic thing? It is exactly the opposite of Buteyko techniques, that is to say hyperventilation and seems to have good results?
    In the same fashion, I was also wondering what you could say about the MDMA drug and why does it works well on PTSD while being a strong serotoninergic drug? Does it work by downregulating the serotonin receptors or creating a serotonin resistance, being a bit dangerous on the short term but good on the long term?
    Or is it because in the two cases above (hyperventilation and MDMA) a slight stress can be hormetic and oblige the body to reorganize itself, be a signal for the body to create a healing response?

    So I'm sure that biophysics like biophotonics can be a good trail for spirituality, like for example the saints of every culture are painted with a halo of light around their heads so I guess it might be biophotons that are emitted from them?

    I'm wondering, what came first, the hen or the egg? The consciousness or the body? I know that our science is looking at things through a causal prism and thinking about spirituality is thinking about the goal and sense of life as well which seems quite risky :mrgreen:. The Cosmology consensus seems to say that the Big Bang created things, but what created Big Bang and why? Who, what, where, when, how, why?

    How is the consciousness created and generated/manifested in the brain, maybe by astrocytes?

    What can we say about mirror neurones? Is empathy generated by those and/or oxytocin, is it a legit or proven theory?

    Some people like Robert Becker (who worked on regeneration of salamanders and electromagnetism in the body) and Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Harry Stapp, Jack Sarfatti for example believe that we have a kind of "second" nervous system, the glial cells and electrical interactions in microtubules that may explain the powers of "mesmerists" and hypnotists, metempsychosis, telepathy and the subconscient and inconscient, it seems that everything is linked in a field and on different levels of frequency, like the collective unconscious of Jung or morphogenic field of Sheldrake.

    I've read theories as well about other subtle energies that seems to not be known/approved by conventional science/physics, like longitudinal or scalar waves http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienc ... grid09.htm, have you ever researched about these things? May be quackery but I find it quite interesting, especially for its possible relation to consicousness and biology.

    In your opinion, what does generate the ego sense in the brain, self reflexion and bjectification/abstraction, will?

    What are emotions and feelings?

    I guess that everything might be explained by energy/light, for example our instinct and desire to feel good (Hedonism) might be explained by the fact that we need to feel "fuller", less separated from other things, more complete, higher in vibration and in potential/power. I've always felt more alive when my well being was to it's maximum potential.

    My Kundalini experience happened the first time in my life that I stayed in sexual abstinence for more than 1 week while meditating (so good hormonal management to reduce the stress pathway) a lot and after stopping gluten (an opioid). But I stayed in obscurity and with eyes closed and it seems that Peat say that it is stressful when there is evidence that it can raise alpha waves in the brain?

    In yoga, they say that we can injaculate (changing retas to ojas according to them and following their terminology), and that is definitely what I experienced, like if my semen was aspirated, transmuted into light while my breath was becoming electricity and rose in my backbone! (I know that sounds crazy).

    I wondered if you had some insight on how it can happen biologically because I never found any paper on these phenomenon in science!

    I think that it can be a sort of osmosis that makes the semen rise (is it modulated by NO?) maybe in the blood or lymphatic system to the CSF, I don't even know how normal ejaculation happen scientifically, it seems to be a mechanical/electrical stimulation of the penis that signals the semen to rise in the penis cavity and go out.

    I think that some researcher proved (not sure) that the brain can produce a chemical very close to LSD or Ayahuasca which is called DMT, maybe when we are healthier that is to say that we become tolerant to endorphins while stopping gluten and being abstinent from sex more frequently it may change something? I've read that heroin addicts can be cured of their addiction by taking Ayahuasca or Iboga just one time so that seems to be a very interesting theory!

    It seems that yogis think that Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that makes the genes change, there have been some reports of incurable disease that are "healed by god's grace" so it may how miracles happen as well and how species evolve in nature? There may be a way to manipulate our genome on an electromagnetic basis soon, right?
    We have an anthropologist here in France, Jeremy Narby who made some interesting hypothesis on the subject.

    I wanted to know as well what do you think is a healthy sexual life, can frequent ejaculation be bad for health or energy/metabolism? Some people seems to say that it will be bad for the prostate?

    I wondered if you had some techniques to improve vizualisation and imagination/vivid dreams as well as perceptions?

    I barely dream since I am sick and it is not really improving on your protocol, I never had a very vivid imagination which is bad because I want to learn how to paint and draw.

    I've already had some hypnagogic hallucinations which might be related to the pineal gland DMT as well as biophotonics with light phosphenes.

    Conventional science seems to say that dreaming is related to the cholinergic neuronal pathway but it seems that Peat doesn't like this pathway that is for him a stress pathway. They say that it is related to short term memory as well.
    Cannabis can inhibit this pathway people that are high often don't remember their dreams/seem to not dream and have a bad short term memory. Saddhus in India use Cannabis for spiritual purpose so this may be interesting.

    What can you say about inspiration, intuition and creativity as well? Do you have any technique to improve that aspect of our consciousness as well?

    I have had powerful experiences while meditating, I heard some music like if my brain was not making it but as if I was a witness and that some Muse was whispering some amazing music to my mind.

    I wonder if there is a way to improve memory/concentration/attention or even develop a kind of eidetic/photographic memory? It seems that children have it but most adults loose this skill?

    Nikola Tesla said that he was able to craft his inventions in his mind, it seems that his vizualisation was very close to hypnagogic hallucinations (so very vivid) and that is intellect was very linked to intuition that allowed him to understand many things not on the basis of reflexion but intuition, inspiration and creativity. It seems that Tesla also had a lot of phosphenic manifestations when he was a child in and had a yoga teacher (Vivekananda).

    Here is an interesting article on subliminal memory: https://auromere.wordpress.com/2010/04/ ... ment-32338

    I wonder what you guys can say about long term potentiation and short term memory.
    They say that the cholinergic system is important but it seems that you are saying that DHEA and progesterone are the true ones that are very important here? I guess that circadian rythms, inflammation are very important too? And hormones/neurotransmitters tolerance/upregulation as well.

    I am wondering how to improve my senses and perception "bandwidth" (open the doors of perception) without drugs and with consistency? I have perfect pitch for example but this skill was damaged when I was sick, I wondered how it works on a biology perspective.

    Maybe when we are in a pathway of calm/youth/regeneration like the one you are trying to find we can be like children again, open the doors of perception. What about synesthesia?

    What can you say about premonitions, psychics and clairvoyants? I am very careful about people that claim themselves like that because a lot of people in these fields are narcissistic but I know by experience that premonitory dreams are possible?

    Do you have perspective on these matters with quantum biophysics and mathematic theories like the chaos theory?

    There is a french acupuncturist that theorized that the acupuncture meridians are related to water vapors perspiration and sweat glands (that may be related to Pollack work on water). I guess that the yoga's chakras are the same system? What would a "chakra opening" mean? A better energy circulation in this area of the body?
    It seems that Robert Becker proved that the acupuncture meridians exist.

    Lastly, have you done some research on music therapy, isotonic binaural sounds, Joel Sternheimer and music of the plants?

    What do you think about neuro and biofeedback compared to meditation? Have you heard about heart coherence (Gregg Braden) as well? Is it related to CO2 or other biological things (according to the book I'm reading it is not just related to CO2)?

    I found this interesting website: http://biologyofkundalini.com/
    Good books: Fritz Albert Popp and Robert Becker, in french we have books from Maxence Layet and Jean-Pierre Lentin. Russians have worked a lot in biophysics, Kirlian photography, acupuncture like the "moratherapy".

    Maybe the Monroe institue and some other institutes like parapsychology ones have good informations as well?

    Sorry, I know this message is messy but I wrote down all the ideas that came to my mind...
  2. Aura cleansing is very trendy
  3. Personal experience is king. Try it, you just need to make sure you are not fooling yourself. John Michael Greer suggest seeing what happened where you are now a century ago, writing it down and going to the library to see if you can gain extrasensory knowledge. Be careful though, this field has almost as many quacks as mainstream medicine.
  4. Would you say, that energy that you feel, electricity....comes from an outside source?
  5. I don't know, it could be the mitochondria that get loaded with CO2/electrons, negative ions in the air, biophotons and photoelectric effect... I don't even exclude that it could be latent psychosis or maybe illusions that can be explained by the way that the body is shaped like most skeptics will tell, this is just a shame that we don't find more science on this topic.
  6. [ref]Parsifal[/ref], I just don't know how the body could make so much energy, and then the person not be completely wiped out afterwards, quite the contrary, they feel on top of the world.

    My hypothesis is the energy comes from another source, like the electrical universe theory. They don't look at the sun like some kind of nuclear reactor with a burning core,(my simple explanation forgive me) instead, the energy is coming from outside the sun and beaming towards it, and when it hits the surface the reaction happens. Although they admit they don't know where the energy is from but I have a hunch. :D
  7. I've thought a little about this too. I think the "electric feeling" associated with Kundalini, Qi Gong or other mind-body practices is simply the parasympathetic nervous system becoming more dominant with an increase in vagal tone in areas that some traditions divide into chakras (which are clearly the locations of major organs and parasympathetic nerves). Perhaps more of the body's available energy being concentrated in those nerve pathways and associated functions of "rest and digest." I don't think much energy is being lost, it's just being sensed by surrounding nerves that can detect electric current and heat, although clearly some is being dissipated as heat energy. You (and another person) can feel your skin physically becoming warmer in areas where this electric feeling is present. Another person can sometimes also sense this electric sensation as well when they are very close to it.

    This type of phenomenon is only barely beginning to be studied seriously, it will be interesting to see what we discover. My guess is that we will be able to observe that the parasympathetic nervous system is actually generating beneficial electromagnetic frequencies when in a non-stressed state that assist the "rest and digest" processes in yourself and even somewhat in others when in close affectionate proximity (similar to the EMFs that Dr. Robert Dennis is exploring with his ICES (Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation technology). Then we will better understand how to make use of traditions that cultivate this ability for enhancing wellness independent of some of the New Age woo terms.
  8. Interesting, do you have any study about it?
  9. Unfortunately, nothing very credible or rigorous. When I find some time I'm going to search for the best research on this. But I think Dr. Robert Dennis, whose video I linked, might be reverse engineering these beneficial EMFs that might be similar to what the human nervous system generates in a non-stressed and non-inflamed state.
  10. I did a Reichian breathing course about ten years ago and became flooded with an incredible peace and feeling of love for a day. Like, all was fixed. About 7 months ago I listened to a song on repeat for an entire day because it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard. It was also during a difficult emotional time. The next day I had the same exact experience as with the Reichian breathing. These experiences were anything but ordinary.

    A couple weeks ago I was practically diagnosed with PTSD and will start seeing a somatic experiencing specialist next week. This feels right, as my body is stuck in a dissociative state about 50 percent of my waking hours. So I just assumed those past experiences confirmed some type of neurobiological issue...as we do store things in our brain and muscles.

    For ten years I was in a cult, and I was eventually kicked out (8 months ago). Towards the end, I was completely eroding mentally and was trapped in a state of terror/confusion. Along those 8 years I had this "seed" within me...something very beautiful...and questions that maybe made my cult feel uncomfortable or helpless about. It was very subconscious, but it's been like I was awakening to something...even coming from a cult that really dug deep into esoterica of the mind, but in a Biblical framework. Like, the cult built this amazing framework to jump even deeper. And that's what I've done for the past 8 months. As I started to relax into things and learn more about the world I found this awareness coming over me, and it would usually coincide with an actual butterfly visiting me. One day it even followed me around for an hour.

    In a particularly dark time in my cult, I was overcome with agony and had a vision of Christ falling into a large body of water and this lotus blossom erupting to the surface. Just out of nowhere, in a flash, I saw this.

    I know, weird. But I've turned out to be one of those people. I still don't know if there's a spiritual realm or if it's physiological, or just both. And I've seriously studied ancient history, Bible esoterica, neuroscience, and hinduism. The more I learn, the more I literally don't have a clue.
  11. It is probably helpful to realize that getting kicked out of the cult was a favor.