Computer Blue Light: Flux vs. Amber Filter



I found that an amber filter to block blue light has a notably stronger effect than Flux, at least for me.

This is the one I use: Link

I actually use the amber filter AND Flux at 3000K at the same time, and it seems better than Flux alone at 2700k.

Oh, the amber filter might stink if your computer is of a type of material that reacts with it.

It doesn't come in a size prepared for a laptop, it's much bigger, so I used some scissors and tape.


Oct 27, 2013
That seems like a nice diy project.

Regarding the flux craze, most people have not installed the extra brightness zones available with the program. The typical 2700k now looks bright to me since I've started using the extra options. Once installed you can get your screen down to 1900k or even as low as 1200k which is candle light. To do this, click on the 3 horizontal bars, and into the lighting at night option, and select "expand color range"

or if you're computer savy, you can always just create an option in screen settings that removes the blue from the color scheme which is essentially the 1200k option in flux


Thread starter
I did try the 1200k option, it's uncomfortable for me.


Mar 20, 2013
f.lux also has, on top of the new 1200k feature, a Dark Room mode. It's pretty nifty. Although looking at pictures of people on Facebook is somewhat horrifying. You know how people put pictures up of their kids? In Darkroom Mode, every baby is Rosemary's Baby.


May 23, 2013
Any f.lux. Type solutions for an iPhone... Besides cutting Amber filter to size?
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