Complexity, Consciousness And Objectivity

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    We have evolved a complexity that allows us to "select" a complex kind of environment to which we respond, and our existence depends on the objective interactions between ourselves and our environment. Our consciousness is interaction. It is a condition for action, but it also is derived from our activity in the world. To say that it is "objective" in this way is not to deny the possibility of mistakes and perversions, but it is to claim that in every human idea, perception, or theory there is some truth, something worthwhile, if we are able to extract it. - Ray Peat
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    I was thinking lately about interrelationship beetwen hormones and environment( ecosystem). And you are all familiar with the QUOTE" What we done to the ecosystem and animals( or What Happens to environment) same happens to Us." Can it be TRUE But in a reverse manner.??? I am curious What is consciouss or natural reaction in terms of hormones in the ecosystem which is collapsing or in stresfull environment? High thyroid,?adrenaline? Isnt some hormones for a reason secreted to protect Us, to escape from dangers and force us to do some things which we are unwilling to do when we are High Thyroid, high proge/progn.?? You will not stand in the intense summer Sun in the noon and let it hurt you and burn your skin?Or have fun watchjng other people around you in poverty and suffering? Or If someone is forcing you to do something in order to " survive"will you just stand and let them do it.?
    Arent hormones reaction or response to an Environment Stimuli?