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Cold Pressed Raw Milk In Australia

  1. Hey this milk has been around for a while in Australia, its very nice. I think its the best we can purchase here legally.

    Its cold pressed, not pasteurised or homogenised from one herd of Jersey cows so more a2.

    The website has stockists: HOME

    Q. What is cold pressed milk?
    A. Our patented, world-first technique uses extreme cold pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria. This extreme pressure measures 6 times the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean (the Mariana Trench, 11km below sea level). We place the sealed bottles into a High Pressure Processing vessel that is then filled with cold water. The water is pressurised via pumps that transmit isostatic pressure through the bottle and into the milk. This pressure kills any harmful bacteria, while being gentle on the milk’s nutrients, which means more of milk’s natural goodness for you.

    Q. How is Made By Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk different from standard milk?
    A. It’s what hasn’t been done to Made by Cow milk that makes it so unique. Our milk hasn’t been heat pasteurised, homogenised, separated, blended, diluted or standardised. Our milk isn’t sourced from multiple farms, stored in vats for multiple days or pumped through multiple pipes extensively.

    Instead, Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk is milked from a single Jersey herd, bottled and sealed just hours later, then cold pressurised (in the sealed bottle) the following day. Direct from cow, to bottle, to you.

    Q. Is Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk better for you?
    A. Independent testing has shown that our cold pressurisation technique is much gentler on milk’s nutrients than heat processing – so the nutritional profile of our milk is very similar to that of raw milk. It is a good source of calcium and protein and, because it comes from our Jersey herd, is higher in omega-3 fats than others on the market.

    Q. Are milk’s natural enzymes affected by the cold pressurisation technique?
    A. Independent testing by The University of Queensland has shown that the milk’s natural enzymes remain largely unaffected by cold pressure and therefore, Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk has most of the natural enzymes intact.

    Q. What is the cream layer on top of my milk?
    A. Made by Cow milk isn’t homogenised, which is why it develops a cream layer on top. Over time, the fat particles in un-homogenised milk rise to the top of the milk and develop into cream. This is a sign the milk has been un-messed with, and we see this as a sign of quality. You can scoop the cream out with a spoon and enjoy on its own or give the bottle a shake before drinking and the cream will absorb back into the milk.

    Q. Why does Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk have a longer use-by date than standard milk?
    A. Made by Cow milk goes straight from the cow into the bottle, and the milk is then pressurised inside the bottle. Because the milk is contained and sealed, there is no opportunity for any stray, airborne contamination to get inside the bottle once it has been pressurised. This differs to standard milk which is bottled after it is heat pasteurised. During the bottling process of heat pasteurised milk, contamination can occur that shortens its shelf life.

    Q. Why have you chosen to use Jersey milk?
    A. The milk from Jersey cows has a higher fat content than other cows, so it’s extra creamy and extra delicious. Jersey cows also naturally produce more of the A2 protein than regular milk, which may make it easier for some people to digest.

    Q. How do you look after your cows?
    A. Our cows are owned and looked after by third generation dairy farmers, Stewart and Hayley, who love all the cows so much they know each one by name! Our cows are free-range, well fed and are regularly checked by a vet. All cows in our herd wear heat time monitors (a fit-bit for cows) that track their movement, eating and sleep patterns in real time. This ensures we have a healthy herd, as any irregularity in the cows’ activity will be immediately known by our farmers.

    Q. Is the herd free range?
    A. Yes, we have plenty of wide open space for our Jersey cows to graze, the photos on our website are all from our farm.

    Q. What are your Jersey cows fed?
    A. Our Jersey herd are predominantly grass-fed. The cows have a small amount of non-GMO grain while they are being milked which ensures they have a healthy, balanced diet – plus they love the grains and happy cows create beautiful milk!

    Q. What are hygienic milking practices?
    A. We use two additional hygienic milking practices to ensure our dairy produces high quality, clean milk. We clean the udder of every Jersey cow before she is milked, plus we give extra attention to cleaning our milking equipment. It’s all documented in a food safety plan especially designed for our dairy.

    Q. Is Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk safe during pregnancy? And is it safe for kids to drink?
    A. Yes! We went through a very vigorous process of testing and the NSW Food Authority has approved our cold pressurisation method as being safe.

    Q. Does Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk contain preservatives or additives?
    A. No, nothing is added to our milk. It’s 100% raw cold pressed Jersey milk.

    Q. Are pesticides or petrochemicals ever used on the farm?
    A. No.

    Q. How do you irrigate your pasture?
    A. Our farm is part of a local government irrigation scheme that allows us to use recycled water from town to irrigate our pastures. This is not something we use all year, as we have sufficient rainfall most of the time, but it does provide us with a great, environmentally friendly irrigation system during the summer months.

    Q. How sustainable are your farming practices?
    A. We follow a sustainable faming policy and our farm is an accredited Fertsmart farm, which is a national program that helps maintain a sustainable environment for us, our neighbours and also other industries in our area that can be affected by run off, such as the local oyster growers.

    Q. Are antibiotics ever used?
    A. Only rarely, when a cow is very sick, will we administer antibiotics. The sick cow is then quarantined from the herd and given the best attention to restore her back to normal health. There are never any antibiotics in Made By Cow milk.

    Q. Are hormones ever administered?
    A. No.

    Q. Is your milk organic?
    A. Not at this stage, however we are working on it!

    Q. Is cold pressed raw milk good for making coffee?
    A. Yes! Baristas love to use our milk in coffee, it froths beautifully and creates a smooth, full-bodied, rich flavour.

    Q. Can I cook with Made by Cow Cold Pressed Raw Milk?
    A. Absolutely! The creamy flavour lends itself well to any recipe that calls for milk. Our milk will instantly make you a better cook!

  2. Yeah, I've tried it, it tastes pretty good :)
  3. Wow using pressure to kill bacteria, very interesting
  4. Wouldnt mind trying - e-mailed them about availability in Canada
  5. i wish this was in europe. sounds amazing!!
  6. I just asked Tine(Norway`s biggest producer of milk) and they said they where required by law to pasteurize milk either hot or cold. But they seemed interested and said it might be a product for the future.
  7. Also in Australia cow's milk is required by law to be pasteurised for human consumption so this cold process must be as bactericidally effective as heat pasteurisation. It's fairly widely available, whereas generally the only actual raw cow milk you can buy here is labelled 'bath milk' and/or 'not for human consumption', etc, to get around the law, and is usually only available from random health food shops, etc.
  8. How’s the pricing vs regular milk?
  9. @Lynne is that bath milk still around? I dont go to organic stores so i dont know. This cold pressed milk appeared after these deaths from bath milk and the authorities cracked down on organic stores selling bath milk.
  10. Its expensive. 5 times the price
  11. I know at least one place here in Perth that sells the Cleopatra's brand (QLD) of bath milk and the organic body butter (raw jersey cream), and in a quick search I found a few online stores supplying it, eg Cleopatra's organic bath milk raw milk | Your Organic Markets. Other than that you can sometimes get 'bath milk' from farmer's markets but producers who sell it often keep it out of sight and you have to ask for it.
  12. RE the process, this article too: 'Cold-pressed raw milk' method wins regulatory approval
  13. I love this stuff.

    Been drinking it for a while, and they now have new 1.5L bottles at my local Harris Farm. I pay $6.99 for it.
  14. I live in SE QLD and can easily purchase the best raw milk (IMHO)- Heavenly Bath milk form the local health food store. They make a delicious 'raw' yoghurt too. Around $6/7 for 2L milk.
  15. Wow! The 1.5lt is way better value that the 750ml. I'll ask about it here. Cheers :)
  16. I tried it from a store in Yamba, definitely tastes more real, but the price is high. Hopefully more people adopt this method. I can get Cleopatra's bath milk at Wray's Organics in Brisbane btw. I haven't bought it myself, too paranoid.
  17. This is white gold!!! Was searching for a decent milk in Australia, they stock it in a shop just down the road from me :)
  18. It’s $4.99 for the 750mls at Harris Farm. However my local Supermarket, where I used to get it from, sells the 750ml for almost the same price as the 1.5l.
  19. I love Harris Farm, it's almost enough reason to move to live in Sydney again, lol. The 750ml is around $6.50-%6:99 in Perth, so if the 1.5lt is available here it will probably be $8:50-$8.99 :(

    The local camel milk is nice too but that's more expensive again, at $6.99 for 300ml or $13.99 for 1lt. (Australian Camel Milk - Good Earth Dairy, Western Australia)
  20. What is Raw Milk? — Australian Raw Milk Movement
  21. i wish they did a low fat version! It's pretty high in fat.. but yes, tasty
  22. Yes and so they could sell raw cream