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Coffee enema

Discussion in 'iLoveSugar' started by iLoveSugar, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. iLoveSugar

    iLoveSugar Member

    RP has mentioned this to me in the past. Has anyone here ever done one/benefitted?
  2. 4peatssake

    4peatssake Member

    In what context did he recommend this to you? I'd be interested in hearing what he said about this.
  3. iLoveSugar

    iLoveSugar Member

    I save almost all of our conversations, but for some reason I can not find this one. When talking about enemas, due to my chronic constipation, he mentioned salt/aspirin enemas as well as coffee enemas. I will dig deeper to see if I can retrieve it.
  4. 4peatssake

    4peatssake Member

    Thank you iLoveSugar! :hattip

    If you have the conversations and can spare the time, it would be helpful to all of us to have them included in the forum's Ray Peat Email Advice Depository


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