Coffee Completely Reversing Flu Symptoms In A Matter Of Minutes?


Nov 21, 2019
So I ran a little milk experiment the last couple of days after a high sugar, no milk diet for weeks before, and the result was higher temps but coated tongue and more bloating.
I developed strong flu symptoms (throat, nose, ear, sneezing) like 2 days ago, possibly because of the diet change. So I just slept a lot, finished up all the milk and kept eating normally apart from that. I also felt quite hypo when the flu symptoms came but attributed that to being sick, because my temps were fine. Oh, and I quit coffee in this timeframe as well because I just want to sleep and I didnt have to work anyways.
So this morning I wake up having to head early to work, feeling like absolute crap. I'm just sick. Not terribly sick, but clearly sick. Not just hypo. Making some coffee on empty stomach at work and drinking it with milk. After only 1 cup, I start feeling better. I had the second cup immediately afterwards and all symptoms were gone. So basically after 15 minutes of drinking my first coffee, not only do I generally feel better and more alert/less hypo, which is what you would expect from coffee (although the effect is usually much less drastic), but all of my flu symptoms (throat, ear, nose) are completely gone. In a matter of 15 minutes.
3 hours later in my break I headed to gym and had a great workout (no big sets or cardio to not risk anything).
6 hours later and the symptoms have not returned, and I do not think they will.

I understand that coffee makes people feel better, especially if they are used to it. But this change was so drastic that it's quite remarkable to me. In a matter of 15 minutes I not only went from cold to warm, but removed all the flu symptoms that normally do not accompany hypothyroid states that I sometimes still can't avoid.

What causes this? My temps are ideal right now, so I doubt it's just stress hormones.
Is my immune system dependent on coffee or something?


May 30, 2018
If I remember correctly, there can be flu-like symptoms during caffeine withdrawal.


Sep 13, 2012
Did the flu symptoms start before or after not drinking coffee? Quitting coffee cold turkey can cause all of those symptoms.


Dec 17, 2018
Interesting. How so?

Your symptoms are likely primarily due to the caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine activates the sympathetic through glutamate, adrenaline, etc. Your body adapts to caffeine by upregulating parasympathetic neurotransmitters receptors such as acetylcholine, serotonin, and downregulating beta adrenergic receptors.

Basically you end up with more acetylcholine, serotonin, and less beta adrenergic activation. One thing beta receptors do is inhibit histamine release. Thus, if your beta receptors are less sensitive from caffeine (and you are in withdrawal), you will have more histamine leaking from mast cells than normal since one of the things they do is inhibit that. Also increased Ach receptors can do the same and that can cause the "flu-like" symptoms.

Chronic Caffeine Alters the Density of Adenosine, Adrenergic, Cholinergic, GABA, and Serotonin Receptors and Calcium Channels in Mouse Brain
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