Coffee, But Not Tea Helping My Hypothyroid Altitude Sickness


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Feb 5, 2020
Tried to wean of coffee due to social anxiety and irratability. Moved from SEA level to 5,000 feet and have been dealing with chronic altitude sickness for the last year.

Stuff I've tried/take: Modafinil, viagra, cialis, mouth taping, t3 CPAP.

Tried to quit coffee and felt even worse. Did not quit caffiene, switched to tea. Relapsed on coffee today due to not being able to get enough daily chores done and workouts were suffering.

Does anyone have any idea why coffee would help me moee then tea up here?

In any case moving to Phoenix in two months so i'll just have to wean off coffee then. Something in it is helping my mountain sickness. Been up for 1 year.


Apr 6, 2018
Hey, tea has less caffeine and is rich in fluoride which suppresses thyroid function. I’d stay away from tea.

Coffee is rich in some b-vitamins such as niacin. You may want to check the amount of b-vitamins you’re getting on a daily basis. How’s your caloric intake?
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