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Cod liver oil- extremely toxic, Ray Peat was right

Discussion in 'Polyunsaturated Fats, Seed Oils' started by BaconBits, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. BaconBits

    BaconBits Member

    While researching I found out that the linoleic acid is 4x mre prone to oxidation than oleic acid. Linolenic acid with its 3 double bound is 9 times more prone to oxidation than oleic. Where would a DHA with its 6 double bond land, like 36x or mybe even 100x more prone to oxidation. Damn that is very very toxic.

    There are people still pushing cod liver oil not to mention even regular fish oil. Even if the cod liver oil is 25% Epa and DHA that would equal for 1 gram of those two like at least 9 grams of regular seed oil linoleic acid. Not to menton that the DHA could act like a "exploding bomb in a warehouse" of other highly vulnerable unsaturated fatty acids in the body.

    Funny thing is that wikipedia site about linseed oil mentions it oxidizing so quickly it heats up and can even go on fire.

    Cod liver oil not safe and the funny thing is that the refining to remove the heavy metals destroys all the vitamin D and A and they add synthetic ones back in.

    Maybe a shot od radioactive isotope talium with some vitamin A and D will become popular in the future, maybe radioation will came back in fashion since Ray Peat mentioned that x-rays were popular in the 50s. X-ray and fish oil have the same effect.
  2. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Please dont give them any ideas. :rolling

    [glow=red]Ray Peat right again![/glow]
  3. mandance

    mandance Member

    Oh man, if you try to tell someone fish oil is toxic, its almost like you insulted their mother or something. I think I had the first reaction when I was told that too, luckily, I was never a big fish oil consumer. have had plenty of xrays though throughout life. But still under 30 so hopefully its alright lol.

    I wonder if the fishoil thing is some sort of placebo effect. So many people swear its awesome, but i never noticed anything from it at all.
  4. Peata

    Peata Member

    I tried fish oil off and on over the years since it became hugely popular, but I never noticed any effect from it for any of the things it was touted to improve.
  5. mandance

    mandance Member

    Yeah, that was my experience also. I took it for awhile and thought...well I dont feel anything so im not going to buy more of it. Other people I know seem to claim its like the cure for everything. Thicker hair, better skin, nails etc. Helps with memory, heart health. It seems it is becoming widely accepted as some miracle supplement.
  6. Rolan

    Rolan Member

    Thank the lord I flat broke when this stuff was being touted around 3 or 4 years ago :lol:

    Tastes revolting for a start. Think I only went through about 3 bottles in my life.
  7. BaconBits

    BaconBits Member

    Well the vitamin A in it is pretty high, almost impossible to find something thats not a supplement so high in retinol.

    I personally doubt the cod liver oil is not rancid the moment you buy it, it is 25% DHA an EPA, 50% mono and 25& saturated.
    But the long chain 5 and 6 double bond DHA and EPA are many times as prone to oxidation than the linoleic in linseed which is known to heat u if its oxidizing on air. WAP foundation recomends a teaspoon and that around 1,25 grams of this it. As far as oxidative damage that would equal like 6-10g the seed oil linoleic one.

    Its funny Mercola stopped cod liver oil beacuse some weird reason that retinol its no good betacarotene better and reccomend krill oil with only 150 mg DHa and EPA but krill oil also has the antioxidant astaxanthin to stop oxidation. Acoording to his studies the 150 mg krill is better than the 1 gram from cod.

    If 150 mg of omega 3 is enough why even take fish oils as far as I know butter has like 150 mg per 50 g and organic one has 3-4 time as much.But t clear the linolenic to DHa enzyme not too much omega 6 needs to be around. Or eat a walnut or two.

    Someone like Ray Peat who really limits omega 6 and gets some omega 3 from and dairy fats is probably more "saturated" in omega 3 than people gobbling up fish oils.
  8. gretchen

    gretchen Member

    I got insomnia from 1 tablespoon of CLO- really scary stuff.
  9. Amazoniac

    Amazoniac Member

    My experience with CLO: manifestated on the skin almost immediately as inflammation. I stopped, after some days of recovery tried again with the same result.
    (Used the Fermented flavourless from Green Pasture, that's supposedly extracted less harshly)
  10. jyb

    jyb Member

    It fell for those fish oils ads. But the way I think it, I was already sick if I was receptive to those ads. I don't think many healthy people go supplementing fish oil. Despite poor health, I never gained weight, so I guess I didn't store too much of those oils, although it wasn't helping my health.
  11. slayers

    slayers Member

    Been taking fermented cod liver oil on and off for years.... I havent noticed any benefit really but havent noticed any negative i still continued to improve hormones greatly while on cod liver oil....
    If someone isnt eating liver and other things i think fermented cod liver oil would be fine... the PUFA content is still fairly low
    I take around .5 teaspoon daily which is an extremely small amount of PUFA under 1g but provides a decent amount of vit A & D
  12. Infarouge

    Infarouge New Member

    Just a couple caps gave me acne right away.
    Tried several brands.
    It doesn't taste rancid if I chew the capsules it actually tastes quite clean, no fish taste at all.
    Makes me wonder if it is bleached to hell.
  13. Peat's_Girl

    Peat's_Girl Member

    What about eating fatty fish on its own?
    I mean, what are the fish for, if not for eating? They're practically floating vegetables!

    ...Oh wait, according to RP vegetables are troublesome too. Hmm...

    Must we give up our sushi? Isn't technically a fresh, uncooked fish superior to a cooked one?
    Would the order of preference be like this: raw--> lightly seared (ahi) --> cooked through --> capsulated?

    Ditto on the cod liver oil. It made my already oily skin oilier, but my Paleo gurus kept urging me to take it every day I missed my daily dose of fish, as if humans are meant to eat fish EVERY SINGLY DAY or they'll go belly up (fish pun).
    So on I went, burping up fish wherever I went... Living the dream ;D
  14. peatypie

    peatypie Member

    I bought into the dogma and took fish oil, flax seed in my smoothie and tried to eat salmon once or twice a week. I never noticed any benefits but later in life I started to get some age spots and skin cancers. I was getting a new skin cancer every month...eleven total. After much research and finding Peat I stopped all fish oil supplementation and the skin cancers did not occur anymore.
  15. johns74

    johns74 Member

    Wow, what was it like to get those cancers? Extremely scary?
  16. XPlus

    XPlus Member

    I tried some, topically, for the vitamin A.
    It stinks so bad, my pajamas still have the fishy smell, even after washing several times.
    If that happens to be the effect on fabric, besides smelling like fish, how bad could be inside the body.
  17. Amazoniac

    Amazoniac Member

    To be honest, the taste an issue for me. Maybe because I was so deficient in the nutrients in it that I didn't mind the taste. But the effects were terrible, and it took me some time to recover..
  18. tara

    tara Moderator

    Fish have their own reasons for being (and high PUFA fish can move in cold water a lot better than saturated ones would). :)
    May be really good as food if you are needing to get your metabolism down to hibernate for a long winter fast.
    Most of us here are trying to do the opposite.
    Peat recommends non-oily fish.
    I still indulge in an occasional bite of sushi, though.
  19. uuy8778yyi

    uuy8778yyi Member


    you must have the holy fish oil,
    with omega 3 enriched salmon
    with a raw kale smoothie with raw broccoli

    it's health food folks,
  20. Look at the Conundrum, his thermogenesis game is through the roof! So lean muscle. Pretty obvious he's a methylene blue veteran.


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