Cliff McCrary: Benefits of fructose

Gregory Taper

Jul 20, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Benefits of fructose
April 6, 2012

-Fructose is the main sugar involved in reproduction, developing fetus, seminal and intrauterine fluid. It has been suggested that the predominance of fructose rather than glucose in the embryo's environment helps to maintain ATP and oxidative state during development in a low oxygen environment.(1)

-Fructose protects the liver from hypoxic cell death.(2)

-Fructose can protect against the stress of increased hydrogen peroxide and it's metabolite fructose1,6-bisphosphate is an even more effective antioxidant.(3)

-Fructose decreases capillary leakage; after 4 weeks and 8 weeks on a 60% fructose diet it produced a 51% and a 56% decrease in capillary leakage, respectively.(4)

-During exercise addition of fructose to glucose increases carbohydrate metabolism.(5,6)

-Glucose causes smaller increases in metabolic rate in overweight people versus healthy people but fructose increases there metabolic rate to the same levels.(7, 8)

-Fructose increases CO2 more, blood temperature more, and causes a greater oxygen consumption compared to glucose.(9)

-Fructose reduces hypoglycemia associated with glucose even when insulin secretion is compromised.(10)

-Fructose decreases the glycemic response to an oral glucose test.(11)

-Glucose causes an increase in ROS formation and nf-kappab binding; these changes are absent when fed fructose or orange juice.(12)

-Fructose affects the body's ability to retain nutrients including magnesium, copper, calcium and other minerals. Comparing a diet with 20% calories as fructose or from cornstarch researchers conclude dietary fructose enhances mineral balance.(13)

-Glucose rather than fructose exerts a more deleterious effects on mineral balance and bone.(14)

-Rats on high sucrose diet deficient in vitamin D maintain calcium homoestasis unlike rats fed glucose, they have normal uptake by bone and development but they have lighter bones than vitamin D fed rats.(15)

-The extracellular phosphorylated fructose metabolite, diphosphoglycerate, has an essential regulatory effect in the blood.(16)

-Another fructose metabolite fructose diphosphate can reduce mast cell histamine release(17) and protect against hypoxic injury.(18)

- Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate (FBP) inhibits cytokine/chemokine-induced sensitivity to pain.(19)

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