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Chronic Pain Relieved Greatly By Benadryl/diphenhydramine & Nightmares (story-time)?

Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
I'm including details here that I've never told anyone/written that much about to my knowledge, but all of it does not need to be read if you're not used to my extremely long, often (arguably) strange posts I make here.

So I was going to post here about it (the pain), but figured it would be a wild goose chase sort of thing.

My left wrist has been hurting and sensitive when putting any pressure on it/bending it/in the push up position/etc. -- and it's been this way for (months?) I think or longer.

Yesterday I was having a lot of gut/stomach issues so I took so Benadryl in a small dose of my 1-5mg max -- dissolved it in my mouth and rubbed it on my gums. Within the hour it definitely worked -- became quite "paralyzed" in a sense though like being heavily drunk to the point where there was little to no stomach issues or focus on them either. I think the initial sedative-like effects calmed out in 30-45 minutes -- at this point I wasn't even focusing on the hand/wrist at all. Before bed I was a bit "off" and craved sugar, so I downed some but do not remember how much. I'm thinking this might have to do with the process I'll outline ahead in more detail, although probably would not explain the wrist pain being ameliorated since I eat plenty of sugar/carbs quite frequently anyways.

Dream details/nightmare elaboration (can skip to the next bolded segment for the TL;DR):

Eventually when I went to sleep I recalled having a strange dream that had a kind of creepy, personal -esque weirdness to it. I recall the dream having some symbolizing of the middle east, Disney characters, flying creatures, world portals and horror/creepypasta touch to written all over it. I woke up from this sometime in the middle of the night since it was probably so fringe-y/creepy-ish and immediately noticed some flashing red light sensation around me. I eventually sat up and had a heightened fear response in my mostly dark room -- small shadows looked like faces; any object in the corner of my eye scared me a bit; really it all felt like when I had those horrifying times as a kid when dreaming/false awakenings/etc. I sometimes as a kid thought I would get "trapped" in those strange dreams I had because I kept waking up but forgetting whether I was awake or just another segment of a dream. I do not have sleep paralysis or such, but have some unresolved/repressed "horrors" I think, but do not know what to do about them when they "surface" sometimes. I recall vague bloody scenery that I think might correlate with some childhood experiences of certain media depicting such. I also recall some phobic, terrifying/fringe like visualizations that I've been afraid to "face" although at this point I've long forgotten what exactly these things were -- they just feel like they are there somewhere in my mind and "surface" under certain circumstances more/bother me. Like right now I am not bothered at all by this, but sometimes -- in predicaments like what previously was mentioned -- this creepy/freaky-ish feeling appears when I think of certain objects or memories even if unclear/indistinct. I think I may know where or what the common denominator is of these unclear psychological triggers, but it's strange since it is like my mind wanders toward the fearful, indistinct stimuli deep in my mind even if I try and "pull away." For many years I was probably like this when younger -- having segments of freaky/scary images in my mind that I had to "run away" from by forcing myself to mental occupy something else heavily until it dissipated. I would fear that I would even die if I were to picture these thoughts in my mind too long as it elicited some creepy, spine-tingling response that I could not clearly understand but was frightening. But basically these creepy dreams I sometimes have hit right home/are similar in sensation to those experiences as a kid. What could explain this mechanism and its clarity showing during the events of using a small dose of Benadryl, which I have used plenty of even in the recent past and not necessarily noticed this in prior uses?

The short, less detailed explanation:

I took a small dose of Benadryl, got loopy/drunk feeling, and several hours later I went to sleep and had a bizarre dream/woke up in the middle of the night. Sometime during this mid-night awakening I noticed my somewhat chronic, left wrist pain I've had for quite a while has greatly improved suddenly. I have used Benadryl probably dozens of times in the not so distant past and do not recall it doing anything like this, even while actively having the wrist pain. I guess you could chalk it up to the sleep quality, but it was barely 5 hours even when I naturally tend to sleep longer than that at least as far as quantity. My sleep isn't that bad, but maybe some others here can give a deeper explanation on how this could make sense physiologically/biochemically/etc. regarding Benadryl, sleep, and the pain improvements.

Maybe I also should add that I take it because it sometimes elicit this refreshed, younger, energetic feeling after the initial slump/slightly paralyzed like state (or other times when it just creates a more "open" sensation/perception mentally/physiologically). Sometimes it "works" and sometimes it doesn't (notice this with every drug/supplement) in this sense, but ultimately it did seem worth it if it mitigated constant pain in some way, directly or indirectly. It also can open up appetite/tweak digestion a bit I think.
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This is nothing new. Benadryl has been known for causing intense dreams. Acetaminophen. Naproxen. All greatly induce nightmares most often and wake up in a cold sweat, from most often the side effects not converting hormones, and one produces a true cold sweaty, dazed learned helplessness state.

Your wrist probably hurts because of your life style. Maybe typing wrong on the computer. Or there is a pinched nerve in your elbow, shoulder, or neck.

I don't even think most people understand pain, when they don't even understand that the pain signals travel through the nerves to the brain. If you had systemic gut inflammation, you'd feel it through out your whole body like you got the flu.
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