Chicken Liver "Farofa"


Oct 30, 2015
Hello everyone! :D

I´ve been struggling on consuming liver. I tried to eat 4 times and fail inevery single one.
I may have found the way. ;)

First thing: exchange beef liver for chicken liver. Chicken liver, in my humble opinion, is much more palatable than beef liver. I see some posts here saying that chicken liver is ok to eat in Peat´s view. So move on to the next step:

Second thing: Small chunks. Really small chunks. I chopped the liver really small. Like the size of my nails.

Third thing: Fry the liver with a lot of butter and some coconut oil and put heavy salt. Add some parsley. Add some olives. Add a lot of garlic. Add some pepper sauce if you like.

Four thing: Here in Brasil, is really common "farofa de mandioca" (manioc/cassava flour). That´s what i think was the secret. Put some cassava flour in the liver while is frying and bingo. Delicious!!!

I know that starch is not optimal in Peat´s view, but i think this small amount only per week wont do any harm.

Hope you people enjoy! :hattip
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