Nov 19, 2013

I was wondering if someone could explain why fermented cheese gets a pass, but all other fermented foods are bad? Also, are Wild Fermented Foods any better then foods fermented with a starter culture. I eat allot of whole fruit instead of fruit juice and I'm wondering if I should be including a bit of fermented food in my diet since I do consume more fiber? I've been eating Bubbies' Pickles.

Thank you


Feb 20, 2013
Unlike yogurt and Kefir, in cheese making process lactic acid is removed after initial
fermentation. Lactic acid is the source of the problem. You can eat strained/greek
yogurt where lactic acid is removed.


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Nov 19, 2013
Thank you for the response.

How is the lactic acid in a cheese (say aged around 60 days) removed? Would the lactic acid in wild fermented pickles be removed as well if they have been aged for around 60 days?

Also, does this mean that a well-aged pasteurized cheese with added cultures should be ok too, as long as there are no vegetable enzymes added?

Is kerrygold cultured butter (the one in the silver wrapping) ok? or should I get the uncultured salted one (gold wapping)?

Thank you.
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