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Cheap Ways To Test Androgens Often

  1. Does anybody know of any ways to test often?

    I ask because I have some tribulus coming soon and would like to test DHEA, prolactin and DHT while using it.

    it would also be useful for the entire forum so that when they experiment they can see how much of an affect it is having on their body.

    thanks guys!
  2. Good question.
  3. That does not raise hormones it just works via another mechanism
  4. Depends were you live
  5. Florida.
  6. Miami Florida USA
  7. I recall Georgi reporting lower prolactin and higher dihydrotestosterone on blood test. I figured I would test those as well to confirm. I think Hans also had a good experience with tribulus.

  8. Oh it definitely works, for sex drive, and aggression, but I had to stop due to insomnia and anxiety.
  9. Only thing I notice is better erections
  10. Any chance you could keep us posted here when you get any results from the pre and post tribulus? Thanks mate!
  11. That too
  12. It seems 2 capsules is enough for me. Oh! I do notice oily skin which is nice because I’m post Accutane and my skin is chronically dry. So erections and oily skin.
  13. Thanks. Is that 750mg per cap?
  14. 200 mgs per cap
    the product has 60% PTD
  15. Which one are you using exactly?
  16. Vemoherb
  17. Tried it too. Noticeable effects on erections yes. But no difference in androgen for example I had agressive behaviour but no changes in other stuff.
  18. Yep, better erections is the only thing I can tell.