Central Heating/heaters can leak carbon monoxide into your home - safe ways to stay warm during the winter


Jun 22, 2021
I have previously made a thread on central heating/radiators making it hard to breath:

At the time - I had come to the conclusion that it was Convection and low humidity causing breathing problems which I still think is true, but there is another aspect to consider



The leaking of carbon monoxide when burning gas - I personally do think that there is always some carbon monoxide leaking into the home when burining gas utilizing radiators and central heating


If you notice - sometimes it gets hard to breathe when cooking in front of a gas stove - largely in part because carbon monoxide is being made right in front of you and you are inhaling it

I don't think this is that problematic as most gas stoves come with fans and is in a secluded space - you could always place your food in a stove and come back periodically with the fan on and a window open to minimize exposure


But with central heating - you have vents all over your home and apartment - even if only a little bit is leaking - it adds up a lot faster than a mere gas stove

"According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, heaters can potentially release carbon monoxide into the home. Carbon monoxide is tasteless and odorless and can potentially be deadly. Even if the levels emitted are not high enough to be fatal, it can still produce serious illness."

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If you have trouble breathing in your job, apartment, home that is heated during the winter but feel fine when you go outside - I would say this is an issue you should definitely look into - the safest ways to stay warm is I think to wear layers and use heat lamps instead - maybe you can get a boiler that boils water instead of gas but still -if your tap water is compromised that fluoride, heavy metals, chloride will be breathed in once you turn it on
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