Censorship rears it's ugly head in Canada

Rick K

Feb 18, 2019
Rex Murphy: Liberals' dangerous arrogance didn't begin and won't end with internet-regulation bill (msn.com)

At least, for the moment, the communist Trudeau has backed off because of the backlash. Canada has had so many liberties that we take for granted but now must be vigilant for. That the Prime Minister actually tried this queues us up with other oppressive nations such as N. Korea. Note how the author refers to his as a wokemeister:

There, in speculative and imagined dialogue, is the voice of the mindset behind C-10. And the mindset is more dangerous than the bill: an assertion that this government knows what’s best and has the right to impose its ideas of what is right on everyone else. This is the new religion of woke.

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