CDC: Face Masks Don’t Prevent COVID-19, Study Finds Masks Have Negligible Impact On Coronavirus Numbers


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020
This doesnt seem to match

The CDC's interpretation or spin of the data doesn't match the data, which show insignificant benefit.

The CDC has admitted face masks do little to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amid mounting pressure to lift mask mandates across the U.S. In a new study, the CDC found face masks had a negligible impact on coronavirus numbers that didn’t exceed statistical margins of error.

The study found that between March and December 2020, face mask orders reduced infection rates by 1.5 percent over the rolling periods of two months each. The masks were 0.5 percent effective in the first 20 days of the mandates and less than 2 percent effective after 100 days.


May 8, 2017
The CDC's interpretation or spin of the data doesn't match the data, which show insignificant benefit.
Yeah...they state "Mask mandates were associated with statistically significant decreases in county-level daily COVID-19 case and death growth rates within 20 days of implementation." Not sure what I'm missing but the benefit seems negligible based on the data..

Tim Lundeen

Feb 19, 2017

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020
No doubt the CDC cherry picked the 10 states in their study to get the best possible outcome they wanted. Even then the benefit is insignificant.

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020

lol that's so typical of the quality of politicized science these days.
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