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Cavities And/or Tooth Erosion On Lower Gum Line. Any Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Ask For Help or Advice' started by danishispsychic, May 13, 2018.

  1. I have minor battles here and there with my new nemesis the " gum line cavity". This particular hell really started after I went through a monster stress period due to the loss of my mother and then 2 dogs. My body in general went haywire. I have really had great teeth all my life, had braces ( metal ) as a kid , and then a few years ago went on a mission to get any metal filings that were in my mouth removed. I am no longer a metal mouth, but feel like this issue persists. Any suggestions? After years of only drinking milk in my morning coffee and I adding it back into my diet and in general my enamel feels stronger. I also take Mercola Vitamin D spray and Estroban ( that stuff is amaze. ) I can't handle tons of OJ but I do take C and really try to get enough with fruit as well. I oil pull, brush with a soft toothbrush, use non flouride Jasons enamel building toothpaste and floss with stick things with little brushes on them.

    Do any of you super awesome Peaty people have any suggestions?
  2. So sorry sent the wrong link
  3. Constatine

    Constatine Member

    Oral pulling with coconut oil helps
  4. crestind

    crestind Member

    I had looked into the cause of receding gumlines before and it seems that in most cases receding gums are actually caused by too small dental arches, not by friction from brushing too hard. Basically you're not chewing enough.

    As far as cavities go, I will recommend trying a toothbrush with taper tip bristles vs conventional rounded or unsmoothed bristles. The difference is truly like night and day. The fine bristle tips do a much better job of cleaning around the gumline and they can reach in between teeth somewhat and almost floss your teeth. You don't have to apply as much pressure so the brushes last longer too. There are several brands floating around, Sunstar GUM is the most common, but I found that Dr. Collins Perio is better due to shorter bristle length.

    US6764142B2 - Method of manufacturing a toothbrush with highly tapered bristles having superior flexibility - Google Patents

    I tried some K2 and I seem to have experienced the bizarre "smooth teeth" effect myself, so maybe try some of that?
  5. Jennifer

    Jennifer Member

    I'm very sorry for your loss, @danishispsychic.

    Have you ever tried checking the pH of your saliva? Your mouth may be overly acidic and by getting the pH up, the erosion may reverse. My dog's oral health deteriorated rapidly after surgery to remove a tumor in his eyelid. It was so bad that his gums had receeded down to the roots of his canines, his teeth were covered in brown plaque and his breath was horrid. We put him on a herbal tincture that helps alkalize the mouth and within a day his bad breath was gone and within a few months his gum tissue had completely regenerated and the plaque was gone.
  6. OP

    danishispsychic Member

    Thank you Jennifer! That is a fantastic idea- I am going to try that and check the PH as well. xx
  7. OP

    danishispsychic Member

    Thank you! I will work on my chewing and will try that toothbrush as well. The K2 in Estroban is helping with smoothing out my teeth as well and I am thinking that I will up my dosage as well.
  8. OP

    danishispsychic Member

    Thank you for sharing this- I will totally look into it. Great info - xx
  9. OP

    danishispsychic Member

    Thank you C- I do oil pull but I will stay more consistent. :) Maybe I will start adding Estroban to my coconut oil when pulling? hmmm.
  10. DDK

    DDK Member

    What is your diet like? I would say diet and lifestyle/stress are the most important factors with oral health.

    For the record sugar, fruit acids, OJ destroyed my teeth/enamel. I have also noticed worsening of my teeth when I take synthetic vitamins A, D and K as well as vitamin C. I have also seen oil pulling destroy people's enamel/gum line as well, it keeps the teeth white and clean by stripping them.

    I've been brushing with bar soap and it seems to be far more effective than all the "natural" toothpastes that I've tried.
  11. André Luiz

    André Luiz Member

    Something similar happened to me, stress caused caries, I started to yawning magnesium chloride and iodine lugol 5% I used a lot of iodine, about 20 drops for 1 or 2 weeks. The first time I used iodine for diving the spit went purple. There's been more than 1 year that I did this and until now the cavities have not evolved at all. I witnessed a dentin regeneration.
    Iodine is known to cause hypothyroidism that usually lasts for 2 or 3 months, I do not know if yawning is enough to cause any harm, I think methylene blue should help too.
  12. Xisca

    Xisca Member

    Same here for all this!
    I have had this sort of under gum level decay only twice in my life:
    - in my 20's when I started to eat sugar again, but in the form of fructose and fructose marmelade (said to not modify blood sugar, as mine was high since childhood)

    - Recently after eating a lot of fruits during 2 years after reading Peat.... 10 decays after so many years with almost nothing!

    I have been using soap for years!
  13. DDK

    DDK Member

    So you now avoid fruit acids I'm assuming? I eat potatoes, white bread, meat, fish, eggs, milk, cooked vegetables, etc... And my teeth are very healthy now, I brush my teeth with both white bar soap and granulated xylitol.
  14. OP

    danishispsychic Member

    Interesting! White bar soap like ivory? Im going to try. When I first started Peating I was totally into OJ and my teeth suffered but I think the stress really put me into a whole PTSD type of thing and I sort of fell down a hormonal rabbit hole ..... falling! falling !
  15. DDK

    DDK Member

    Yes, I use regular Ivory bar soap, but as I said above I also brush with Xylitol.

    For almost everyone that I have met fruits, fruit juice, jam/jelly have destroyed their oral health. It's the acid/fructose combo that causes the issues. I can eat pancakes with maple syrup or pound cake with no issues. Starch + Protein makes my teeth very strong, which is why I eat lots of White Bread & Meat, Milk & Bread or Meat & Potatoes, etc...
  16. Mountain

    Mountain Member

    That's really interesting, could you expand on that a bit please? Was the herbal tincture to alkalize only his mouth or to shift the acid:alkali balance of his whole diet?
    I had a number of cavities spring up around my gum line at a time when I would have had a very acid-forming diet. Basically salting everything and eating a diet of bacon and egg sandwiches lol
  17. Jennifer

    Jennifer Member

    @Mountain – The herbs in the tincture help draw out acids from every part of the body, not just the mouth. However, there's also a loose leaf tea made from the same herbs that was originally designed as a douche that also works well as a local oral alkalizer – a mouth rinse. Before finding the tincture we were giving this to my dog. A doctor whose work I follow has used it on his patients with great success.

    One of the doctor's patients called him one day complaining that her teeth had become really loose and that her dentist had pulled some and she was scheduled to have more pulled. He told her to hold off on having them pulled and to use the tea (called Heal All Tea), holding it in her mouth for 5 minutes periodically throughout the day and within a week or two, her teeth were back to being locked firmly in place.

    The herbs in the tea are:

    * Black Walnut Hull
    * Burdock Root
    * Marshmallow Root
    * White Oak Bark
    * Plantain Leaf
    * Chaparral Herb
    * Heal All Herb
    * Comfrey Root
    * Comfrey Leaf

    Personally, I think the stuff tastes terrible, but it worked. During that time, we also had my dog on mostly fruit, including non-sweet fruit like green beans, zucchini etc., with smaller amounts of veggies, coconut fat (cream and oil), scallops and eggs, and raw coconut water as his main source of fluids, but his breath and teeth would start to revert back when we took him off the Heal All and resolve when we put him back on it so I know the regeneration was mainly due to the Heal All.
  18. theLaw

    theLaw Member


    Personally, I've noticed a change in my teeth for the better with 3 substances:

    1. Thyroid (Tyromix)

    2. Eggshell Calcium

    3. Removal/reduction of starch

    However, none of these worked until I increased my calories to feel completely satiated. Any time I felt hungry for periods of time, my teeth would start to feel sensitive again. Also, if digestion is sluggish, I think that can wreak havoc on your mouth.

    I floss and brush with soap, but nothing with grit.