Cases Of Caffeine "overdose". What Should Be Done


Feb 21, 2017
Perhaps we are - I often just feel better when I've sweated via exercise. Only only only when I have the energy though.

I'm not saying to force sweating or anything.

Also by all means TRY caffeine. You seem sensible enough to go very slowly. I just wanted to say listen to your body - if you start feeling bad then don't force it assuming it's the only way to fix your liver.


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Nov 24, 2017
I will go really slow.
The last thing I want is a panic attack.

So you're not a Fan of Hot bathes or Sauna I guess ...


Sep 23, 2017
I want to start with caffeine soon, but I will start really slow, cause I'm very sensible.

Just in case that I'm having to much and start panicking - what should be done then?

if you don't need it then don't use it espeicially if you are over sensitive to stimulants. maybe start with black tea if you are overly senstive to it.


Dec 11, 2018
Her gut must be made of titanium. That would turn into the most gluey glue and literally my gut would be unable to move it forward and I'd end up in hospital.

Edit: I was curious how competitive eaters are able to eat ***t like this and massive amounts of other foods. For example, Matt Stonie has said he was incredibly bloated and felt really unwell all the time until his body adjusted, which took him about two years.

They must be sh***ing bricks, lava, water, mud and all the possible forms of poop until their body adjusts. Or even after adjusting I can't imagine anyone having normal poop after eating things like this.
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