Casein Is A Potent Tumor Suppressor


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe

"...Here, we identified the milk protein α-casein as a novel suppressor of tumor growth and metastasis. Briefly, Met-1 mammary tumor cells expressing α-casein showed a ~5-fold reduction in tumor growth and a near 10-fold decrease in experimental metastasis."


Jan 1, 2013
Well well.
Thus, we conclude that a lactation-based therapeutic strategy using recombinant α-casein would provide a more natural and non-toxic approach to the development of novel anticancer therapies.

Contrast it with:
“In the presence of cancer initiators ,Casein, which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein, promoted all stages of the cancer process, ” according to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the well-regarded book, The China Study.

Looks like dear Colin spoke too soon.... :cool:


Jan 1, 2013
I believe there was even a doctor in the 1920's treating stomach cancer with a milk diet.
Jul 15, 2018
In Max Gerson Cancer Therapy, the 2 main sources of protein are Cottage and Sprouted Cooked Lentils. And sometimes 1 egg yolk with carrot juice, and after healing cancer ocasional beef and fish. But remind this is a very low protein diet, very high carb and almost no fat.


Oct 7, 2015
Every time I mention I supplement with casein I am told I will get cancer :)


Jul 26, 2018
Casein/gluten are rich in proline. Dr Rath uses proline to treat cancer and atherosclerosis.
Perhaps everything depends on preparation/digestion .
Proline-"queen of aminoacids" is intensively synthesized during pregnancy.
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Nov 19, 2017
I'll toss in also Dr. Budwig's employment of quark as a reactant with the unsat moieties in flax, to effectively produce solubilized lipids readily deliverable to where they're needed. One thing to look at would be the A1, A2 content of the quark available "back then" vs. now, it might be a factor. This lipid treatment has a very high success rate.


May 17, 2018
Casein has opioid effects which are worth taking into account. Ritually consuming opiate foods might not be ideal with regards to maintaining balanced neurochemistry function; personally I avoid exposure to opiate-activating foods & substances. (There are smarter & more sustainable biochemical ways to activate the opioid system).

Other consequences to ritual consumption of opiate activating substances would be a result of altered brain neurochemistry, including emotional & mental imbalances. The endogenous Opioid system is quite deeply embedded!

"Metabolism of A1 form of β-casein leads to formation of β-Casomorphin, also popularly called as BCM7.21
β-Casomorphin & lactoferrins are known to have opioid activity.22,23
Lactoferrins are derived from whey proteins, another constituent of milk.
The opioids are a class of psychoactive drugs which include morphine.
Opioids are derived exogenously through food intake. (eg Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Spinach)

Stimulation of the opioid receptors is responsible for its activity."

"...the A1 variant formed Beta Casomorphin-7, which largely affected the opioid activity of different endogenous bio-chemicals. The A1 variant is absent in human and goat’s milk – which are both rich in the A2 casein variant."
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May 17, 2018

Not sure how this applies to reducing opioid effects from milk but I’ve recently added in VC and increased my milk consumption

Consider that Morphine is created endogenously by the body and functions as a neurotransmitter role.
I'd rather leave my opiate system WELL alone lol.
For the same reason that I don't use benzodiazepine drugs - since these undermine the GABA (benzo) sites, which causes dang issues in the myriad of interconnected systems...

The only real way to reset brain neuro-chemistry pathways (ie reset/refresh brain receptor accumulated tolerances) etc is to use a strategic pharmacological combination of NMDA antagonists (anti-glutamate), whilst also working with Kappa opioid, D2, alpha-7 NAChr, to name a few.
Things like memantine, theanine, polygala tenuifolia are ideal for this.

PS. I don't bother with Wheat or Dairy.
Wheat is high in Phosphorous, pufas, lectins...
Because I also factor in TCM principles, to ensure overall balance, Dairy is just asking for phlegm and 'Damp' issues (see TCM), both of which are not worth my hassle & totally undesirable, more so in cold/damp environments. This damp aspect of Dairy is probably the main reason people experience undesirable bodily effects.
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