Carrot salad supposed to be intermittent?

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  1. north

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    Dec 21, 2013
    “Besides avoiding foods containing fermentable fibers and starches that resist quick digestion, eating fibrous foods that contain antibacterial chemicals, such as bamboo shoots or raw carrots, helps to reduce endotoxin and serotonin. Activated charcoal can absorb many toxins, including bacterial endotoxin, so it is likely to reduce serotonin absorption from the intestine. Since it can also bind or destroy vitamins, it should be used only intermittently. Frolkis, et al. (1989, 1984) found that it extended median and average lifespan of rats, beginning in old age (28 months) by 43% and 34%, respectively, when given in large quantities (equivalent to about a cup per day for humans) for ten days of each month.”

    So basically there should be periods of on and off?
    I've been eating carrot salad every day, ops :p
    Maybe I'm missing out on nutrients then...

    Anybody know or have experience?
  2. 4peatssake

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    Feb 7, 2013
    The carrot salad is a daily practice. It is the activated charcoal that should be used intermittently and when symptoms warrant due to the fact that it adsorbs everything including nutrients. You are not missing out on nutrients eating the carrot salad daily but it should be eaten separately to get the best results.
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    Jan 4, 2012
    He was talking about using activated charcoal intermittently.

    Carrot salad every day is probably optimal, or maybe even twice a day like Mittir said. Then maybe every third day switch it up with activated charcoal.