Carrot/Bamboo Shoot Alternatives?


Jun 20, 2019
Does anyone know of a good substitute for either of these?

My bowels cannot tolerate either. I had a partial colectomy due to a genetic mutation that left about about 2 feet of my colon completely overtaken by pre-cancerous polyps.

Some of the side effects are frequent loose stools and hemorrhoids.

When I use the carrot salad these side effects are exacerbated to the point that I am using the bathroom way too often and the hemorrhoids are irritated to an intolerable level.

Bamboo shoots are worse - a single tiny strip is too much!

So - are there any alternatives that will not increase bowel transit/irritation, but give the other benefits - anti-aromatase, absorption of Estrogen, anti-bacterial, etc?


Oct 1, 2019
I can't handle Bamboo shoots either. Carrot is ok for me. But mushroom is the best. Very pleasant on the gut and the stools are perfect.

A collection of quotes from Dr Ray Peat regarding Mushrooms:

“I’ve been experimenting with white button mushrooms (sautéed in butter and coconut oil) at bedtime, and they work almost like the antihistamines.”

“Well cooked button mushrooms contain an effective amount of aromatase inhibitors, and can improve digestion, and are very nutritious, similar to meat.” (2015)

“Raw carrots, cooked bamboo shoots, and cooked mushrooms contain antibiotics that are safe to use everyday. Like tetracycline and the macrolide antibiotics, they (especially mushrooms) are also antiinflammatory.”

“The hydrazine-containing toxins that Toth and others wrote about are destroyed by heat. Since extracts made by boiling the mushrooms for three hours were very active, I think it’s good to boil them from one to three hours.” – Ray Peat newsletter

“A safe bowel disinfectant that can help with hormone balance is cooked white button mushrooms, a few ounces per day.”

“Mushrooms have very high quality protein that is easily assimilated, in association with a good balance of other nutrients.” “The fungal sterol, lanosterol, which is very similar in structure to cholesterol…”

“…some of the mushrooms’ protective effects result from inhibiting aromatase, the enzyme that synthesizes estrogen…”

“I think it’s good to alternate carrots and mushrooms, for example carrots two or three days per week, mushrooms (or bamboo shoots) on the other days.” (Thank you Katia!)

Ray chatting to Danny Roddy on his podcast ‘Safe Supplements; Generative Energy #31‘:

DR: “can you replace the carrot if you eat mushrooms everyday?”

RP: “yeah I’ve done that; I got tired of carrots after eating one a day for 20 years!”

DR: “would it be risky to replace eggs with mushrooms?”

RP: “mushrooms have really a good broad spectrum nutritional value, but you just have to eat an awful lot of them.”

DR: “how much have you been averaging Ray?”

RP: “sometimes ridiculous amounts … once every week or two we’ll have a big bowl of mushroom soup which is almost like porridge; I think we must eat 8oz (225g) at least each in the soup days, other days much less … like tonight when we’re having liver with mushrooms, probably 4oz (110g) of each.”

how I prep mushrooms and why it’s worth the bother | The Nutrition Coach


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Jun 20, 2019
Thanks Boris!

Could canned mushrooms work as a convenience? I believe they are pasteurized, and so cooked.

I would like to cook them myself, but also would like the convenience option.


Oct 1, 2019
I think so. But I have no idea if they are cooked long enough to get rid of the hydrazine. I suppose they were cooked with high heat for a short time inside the can? That would mean hydrazine could not evaporate. Someone with knowledge about this please chime in.

Another problem with canned: you often don't know where these mushrooms came from. They can print made in Europe on the can, but that just means it was canned and processed in Europe. The mushrooms could come from anywhere in the world and grown in bad conditions. I think Haidut talked about this once, where they found bacteria from corpses or something like that on contaminated imported mushrooms, I don't remember exactly how it was.


Apr 15, 2015
Has anyone discovered a cheap and peat-approved carrot substitute so far as a bulk food against constipation?

- carrots actually constipate me and turn my face yellow , doesn't matter if I drain/wash it
- uncooked carrots are rich in oxalates and I'm trying to get rid of a kidney stone currently
- charcole is probably good and cheap but doesn't contain fiber, cannot be consumed on a daily basis (maybe in combination with smth?)
- mushrooms and bamboo shoots are exotic in my country and price is outrageous
- psyllium husks - not sure if it is peat approved but still it is too expensive even compared to mushrooms
- dates and prunes - fermentation happens and give me lots of gas, very hard on stomach, very high in oxalates
- cooked oats stop my digestion for half of the day, cause loss of appetite, very constipating
- bread with bran - it works only so far, after regular consuming it causes inflamation / constipation , high in oxalates
- beetroots - very high in oxalates, I think they caused my kidney stone some years ago but they helped with keeping bowel movements regular
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