Carbonated / Mineral Water


Jan 22, 2013
Just wondering if Peat has ever given any advice regarding mineral and/or carbonated water. Some mineral waters are high in calcium and magnesium, and bicarbonate...I didn't know if they are absorbable, studies I've read on the internet seem to say so at least to some degree. Also, is the Co2 in carbonated water beneficial? I just recently started mixing some with OJ (about 8 -> 12oz) and it gives me more energy than plain OJ and seems to settle better


Feb 24, 2013
Absolutely beneficial.
"For hundreds or thousands of years, the therapeutic value of carbonated mineral springs has been known. The belief that it was the water's lively gas content that made it therapeutic led Joseph Priestley to investigate ways to make artificially carbonated water, and in the process he discovered oxygen. Carbonated water had its medical vogue in the 19th century, but the modern medical establishment has chosen to define itself in a way that glorifies "dangerous," "powerful" treatments, and ridicules "natural" and mild approaches. "

from the article: ... tion.shtml

Helps me with handling stress, congestion, is more hydrating etc.


Feb 9, 2013
It's funny I read this post. I just drank a bottle of carbonated spring water no more than 10 minutes ago. I love it. I've always been attracted to fizzy drinks ever since I was a kid. The worst health I've ever been in was when I 100% eliminated them from my diet because I was taught they're "bad for you". I say, if your body wants a fizzy drink, it probably knows best.


Sep 1, 2017
Jesus, sorry to revive this thread but about two weeks ago my rat started drinking and liking carbonated water out of nowhere, I really can't explain why but my rat seem to enjoy it, specially started drinking it while having diarrhea. Rat tried it a few times a long ago, but recently since he's Peating I bought one, and rat just can't see to have enought of it...Craving it about 3 times a week.
I was searching if Peat had some insight on that and Jenn just posted it above...amazing. I know cravings are usually a way for the body to look for certain nutrients, but carbonated water cravings? :bored:


Aug 29, 2017
Haha you americans never cease to amaze me speaking of sparkling water as if its something only suited for special occasions. I know that it isn't the norm to drink carbonated water over there but still.


Sep 1, 2017
I don't know who you are refering to. I'm from America, but Latinamerica. Drinking sodas is normal here, but drinking carbonated water is not.


Sep 24, 2016
I just read that Dr. Sircus or ehat's his name, the Magnesium-bicarbonate-pope, claims that carbonated water/sodas deplete natural, physilogical bicarbonate puffers.


Love carbonated water, call it seltzer here. I make my own drinks combining seltzer and fruit juice for example.
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