Carbon Dioxide In Carbonated Beverages Induces Ghrelin Release And Increased Food Consumption


Nov 22, 2017
Here, we show that rats consuming gaseous beverages over a period of around 1 year gain weight at a faster rate than controls on regular degassed carbonated beverage or tap water. This is due to elevated levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and thus greater food intake in rats drinking carbonated drinks compared to control rats. Moreover, an increase in liver lipid accumulation of rats treated with gaseous drinks is shown opposed to control rats treated with degassed beverage or tap water. In a parallel study, the levels of ghrelin hormone were increased in 20 healthy human males upon drinking carbonated beverages compared to controls.

What to make of this?


Jul 8, 2015
What they call a "full text" is hardly a "full text"
can't make anything of it.
Doesn't even say what the carbonated beverages were
water, gasoline, yak spit?
Far more questions than answers
Doesn't pass the sniff test
looks like a study designed to express an agenda.
Not saying that's what it is but this is often how studies like that publish
in hopes of catching some media pump without anyone ever actually making an inquiry
as to what actually happened. By the time the media goes with 'another study shows soda makes you fat'
the cows out of the barn, can't call it back.


Thread starter
Nov 22, 2017
It's not the full text, obviously, it's a link to a paywall. The beverage was a regular carbonated beverage which was compared with the same beverage that was 'degassed' by stirring for at least 2 hours. It must be the CO2 doing this unless you got a better explanation. The study doesn't blame soda but the CO2 itself.
Jun 16, 2017
The reason rats which drank carbonated water gained more weight is, as I see it, because CO2 exerts na antiinflamatory effect on the digestive system, which allows for better digestion and, therefore, increased consumption of calories. The thing is, what the rats were eating is almost guaranteed to be regular rat chow, which is high in PUFA. So, it isn't the CO2 making the animals fatter, it is the PUFA. The CO2 is being beneficial and therefore increasing food consumption, but the problem is that the food that the rats have access too is poisoned with PUFA. They would likely be healthier if their food wasn't full of toxic substances.


Rafael Lao Wai has it right. The rats were fed standard diet by Teklad Global. Primarily based on corn meal and soy oil. lol


Aug 28, 2012
Its the reason studies on rats show longevity with fasting, they're eating less ***t.
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