Can someone explain me what makes the fat antithyroid


Apr 26, 2013
I dont quite understand the Ray Peat writing, what exactly makes the fat(PUFA) antithyroid.

1.Is it the nature of the PUFAs

2Or is it the fact that they oxidize quickly and the oxidized version of the fat is antithyroid

What if someone is to cook with olive oil and the oleic acid is oxidized, would oxidized oleic aid be antithyroid


Feb 20, 2013
PUFA blocks thyroid in many different ways, oxidation is one part of it.
Oleic is the least harmful of all the unsaturated fats.
Omega 6 is a precursor to inflammatory products and inflammation
initiates a whole cascade of bad things.
Even without oxidation PUFA is able to block thyroid. Here is a quote from RP.
Cooking makes olive oil more toxic, mainly by destroying anti oxidants and
oxidizing 10 % PUFA. But this PUFA gets oxidized inside our body even when it was
cold pressed and unheated. PUFA and estrogen increases each others activity.
Estrogen blocks hormone secretion from thyroid.

"The great difference in water/oil solubility affects the strength of binding between a fatty acid and the lipophilic, oil-like, parts of proteins. When a protein has a region with a high affinity for lipids that contain double bonds, polyunsaturated fatty acids will displace saturated fats, and they can sometimes displace hormones containing multiple double bonds, such as thyroxine and estrogen, from the proteins that have a high specificity for those hormones. Transthyretin (also called prealbumin) is important as a carrier of the thyroid hormone and vitamin A. The unsaturation of vitamin A and of thyroxin allow them to bind firmly with transthyretin and certain other proteins, but the unsaturated fatty acids are able to displace them, with an efficiency that increases with the number of double bonds, from linoleic (with two double bonds) through DHA (with six double bonds). "


Jan 27, 2013
Some RP quotes:

These oils are so unstable that they begin to spontaneously oxidize even before they reach the bloodstream.
The Great Fish Oil Debate

The unsaturated oils in some cooked foods become rancid in just a few hours, even at refrigerator temperatures, and are responsible for the stale taste of left-over foods. (Eating slightly stale food isn't particularly harmful, since the same oils, even when eaten absolutely fresh, will oxidize at a much higher rate once they are in the body, where they are heated and thoroughly mixed with an abundance of oxygen.)
Coconut Oil

My bold

Basically, it is impossible to eat PUFA and have it remain unoxidized in the body.
That certainly clarifies things for anyone searching for "cold-pressed" rapeseed oil etc, in "health food" shops. :lol:
Sadly that includes me in the past :shock: :?


Thread starter
Apr 26, 2013
are there any chemists here to post how and oxidized omega 6 acid looks like and oxidized oleic acid.

Only thing I found was a wikipedia link " " and it suprised me, I always thought that the oxidation will take place on the double bound and that the double bound will become a single bound?
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