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CamphoSal - Liquid Camphoric Acid + Salol

  1. As many readers know, Peat has written extensively on the benefits of antibiotics and on keeping the GI tract as free of bacteria as possible. Bacterial overgrowth in the colon alone is already a problem due to the production of endotoxin, but in hypothyroid people this bacterial overgrowth can extend into the small intestine. The latter condition is commonly referred to as SIBO, and it can lead to malabsorption, inflammation, bacterial translocation to liver / pancreas / gallbladder / spleen / heart / etc. As I posted in several other threads, the chronic inflammation and translocation can lead to a host of severe health issues including "autoimmune" conditions, diabetes, obesity, and even (liver/pancreatic) cancer(s).
    Gut Bacteria May Cause ALL Autoimmune Conditions; Antibiotics Can Cure
    All Gut Bacteria Dangerous, Its Endotoxin Drives Liver Cancer; Antibiotics Cure
    Pancreatic Cancer Driven By Bacteria/endotoxin; Antibiotics Can Prevent/treat
    Gut Bacteria Overgrowth, Regardless Of Type, Causes Obesity

    One of the approaches to keeping the GI tract as bacteria-free as possible is by using antibiotics. However, for most people those are not an easy option as they require prescription and some of them have severe side effects. Fortunately, there are some dietary methods that may provide similar benefits. Those methods including substances such as charcoal, fiber, anti-serotonin chemicals, aspirin, etc. Of these, aspirin has a very long history of usage as a disinfectant, including in the GI tract. However, the problem with regular aspirin (and its metabolite salicylic acid) is that it gets quickly metabolized and absorbed in the stomach before it has a chance to exert its anti-bacterial effects. It may have some effects in the upper portion of the small intestine but likely does not remain intact long enough to affect the colon. Cognizant of both the potential and limitations of regular aspirin, doctors as far as back as late 19th century came up with a modified version of salicylic acid. The molecule is rather simple and is just an ester of salicylic acid with phenol. The commonly used name of this chemical was Salol - i.e. a combination of (sal)icylic acid and phen(ol).
    Phenyl salicylate - Wikipedia
    "...It has been used as an antiseptic[5] based on the antibacterial activity upon hydrolysis in the small/large intestine.[citation needed]. It acts as a mild analgesic.[6]"

    This simple esterification allows salicylic acid to survive more or less intact until it reaches the small intestine and colon where it is metabolized by the microbiome and broken down into phenol and salicylic acid. As it turns out, the phenol portion is at least as potent an antibacterial as salicylic acid and possibly even stronger. This spurred the development of a special synthetic version of phenol called Dimol, which was shown to be remarkably beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The benefits for RA were demonstrated to be due precisely to Dimol's effects on reducing bacterial overgrowth and thus endotoxin levels.
    Simple Intestinal Antiseptic As A Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

    Around the same time Salol was becoming popular, another common remedy used as intestinal disinfectant was camphoric acid.
    Camphoric acid - Wikipedia
    This is the dicarboxylic acid version of camphor, but unlike camphor is has no smell and its taste is tart/bitter similar to a combination of lemon and quinine. This allowed for the chemical to be orally administered and it was successfully used both as an intestinal disinfectant as well as for treating fevers due to various infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
    Thus, we decided to release a combination of these two chemicals as a product for intestinal disinfection, and we called it CamphoSal - a combination of (Campho)ric acid and (Sal)ol. Below are some references related to the usage of both camphoric acid and salol as intestinal disinfectants, including comments from Peat on his usage of camphoric acid. It was his comments on the dosage (100mg-200mg daily) he used that influenced how much we formulated per single dose of our product.

    Ray Peat Email Exchanges - Ray Peat Forum Wiki
    "...[Tongue, teeth, gum problems] There are some strong nervous and circulatory interactions between the intestine and the mouth, affecting surfaces and periodontal health, tooth sensitivity, etc. I knew a dentist who stopped doing periodontal surgery when he found that his patients were more easily cured with a laxative. Camphoric acid has been used as an intestinal disinfectant to remedy problems such as coated or sore tongue or bad breath. The tetracyclines have similar effects. Vitamins D and K are important."

    Flowers Of Sulfur Aka Brimstone Logs
    "...Local bacteria are usually involved in the white tongue, but typically the problem is mainly in the intestine. I have experimented with the old-fashioned "intestinal disinfectant" camphoric acid (it used to be a common pharmaceutical, 80 to 100 years ago), and when I would swallow about 100 to 200 mg of it in the evening, I would wake up with a perfectly clean tongue, not a bit of the white. Bamboo shoots, raw carrot, and flowers of sulfur are other antiseptics that can reduce the white tongue."

    https://books.google.com/books?id=Q...amphoric acid intestinal disinfectant&f=false
    https://books.google.com/books?id=j...amphoric acid intestinal disinfectant&f=false
    https://books.google.com/books?id=5...amphoric acid intestinal disinfectant&f=false
    "...Camphoric acid is now an official drug duly recognized by the new pharmacopeia. The advisers acted wisely in accepting this drug as one of the additions for official recognition. Its place in therapeutics is firmly established. It has many used in medicine, but it is especially prominent as a remedial agent in combating the night-sweats of consumptives. The claim can safely be made that the use of no other remedy is followed by results so beneficial as follows the administration of camphoric acid in controlling the profuse night sweats of pulmonary tuberculosis. The controlling influence is also exerted in sweating from other causes. Locally, its action is that of a mild antiseptic. In one percent solution it is useful in the treatment of pharyngitis and laryngitis; in the same strength solution it has been used with benefit as a bladder irrigation in the treatment of chronic cystitis. Internally administered, camphoric acid gives good results as an intestinal disinfectant, proving beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea resulting from intestinal fermentation."

    "...Phenyl salicylate, or salol, is a chemical substance, introduced in 1886 by Marceli Nencki of Basel. It can be created by heating salicylic acid with phenol. It has been used as an intestinal antiseptic based on the antibacterial activity upon hydrolysis in the small intestine. Once used in sunscreens, phenyl salicylate is now used in the manufacture of some polymers, lacquers, adhesives, waxes and polishes.. Salicylamides are a type of drug."

    "...Salol was primarily used as an anti-rheumatic, especially in the treatment of acute cases. It was given as an antipyretic, in 30 to 45 grain doses, in powders or tablets. It is soluble in ether and petroleum spirit; very sparingly, if at all, in water. It does not disturb digestion because it passes through the stomach unaltered, being decomposed in the duodenum, by the ferments of the pancreas, into Salicylic acid and Phenol (it contains 38 per cent. of Phenol). These are excreted by the kidneys, and the condition of intestinal digestion has been estimated by the length of time required, after the ingestion of Salol, for them to appear in the urine. Upon this property also has been based the use of the remedy in acute diarrhœa, dysentery, cholera, and other diseases where intestinal asepsis is indicated, and also in affections of the bladder and urethra as a substitute for ordinary mechanical irrigations and injections. Its internal use in gonorrhœa (in 5-gr. doses three times a day) has met with much success (Helbing)."

    "...Salol is an easily administered, safe drug in the first stage of acute gastroenteritis in children, and in the more chronic forms of entrorcolitis, accompanied by slimy, bad-smelling evacuations. In the acute condition, it is necessary to keep the stomach at rest and administer two or three doses of salol within five or six hours. For the more chronic state of catarrh it is best given in somewhat larger doses belore meals. In frequent serious discharges, and in colitis, the salol does not produce the same good results as in the cases mentioned above, and its effect is uncertain, not being so rapid or so sure as an opiate. In dysenteric disorders it cannot be relied on. It seems, then, that salol acts best in morbid conditions, due to fermentation and decomposition in the stomach and upper bowel, and that it diminishes in power as it passess through the large intestine."

    Disclaimer: The fact that this post and product description contain quotes from Ray Peat does not mean he endorses/approves of this product. His opinions on a chemical may change when new evidence becomes available in the future, so future inquiries about a chemical, solvent, ingredients, etc contained in this product may elicit a different response than his quotes included in this post. Please seek his opinion independently on any chemical, solvent, ingredient, etc that you may have concerns/questions about.

    The units listed on the label are just for measurement purposes. They do not indicate or suggest optimal dose. The product can be ordered from the link below:

    CamphoSal is a liquid product containing a combination of camphoric acid and phenyl salicylate (Salol). Both of these ingredients were widely used clinically in the late 19th and early 20th century as intestinal antiseptics / disinfectants when antibiotics were not widely available and barely known. There is some evidence that both may have beneficial effect beyond modulating the intestinal microbiome (e.g. gonorrhea), however there is no recent research in that area, and as such no definitive statements can be made.

    Serving size: 25 drops
    Servings per container: about 30
    Each serving contains the following ingredients:

    Camphoric Acid, FG: 200mg
    Salol (phenyl salicylate), FG: 100mg

    Other ingredients: add product to shopping cart to see info
  2. Fresh out.

    I love camphor so I may need to try this product
  3. does this freshen breath ?
  4. Ordered. Finally its here! Been waiting so long for an anti-biotic supplement from you:) plus my 100 bucks worth order of fish antibiotics got confiscated by customs :/ hope this wont happen with this one...
  5. It does but it does not give it a "flavor" like a chewing gum would do. It simply removes bad breath. Considering the solvent is ethanol and both ingredients are great antiseptics, it can actually be used it as mouthwash similar to Listerine but without the burn Listerine produces. Also, it may synergize with methylene blue when the latter is used as a mouth wash.
  6. It shouldn't get confiscated. As far as I can see, the ingredients are not listed as drugs or prohibited chemicals in most countries, but of course it is always up to customs to decide what they let in.
  7. Yes , never had problems with your products . Even more controversial stuff , and it doesnt say antibiotic on the label so I think we should be good...
  8. Looking forward to experimenting with this one.
  9. Thankyou for the product Haidut. I'm keen to give it a try but have a few reservations.

    Firstly, I think aspirin can downregulate mucous production - if this is true is it possible that having salicylic acid in the gut could be damaging to the intestinal mucosa?

    Secondly, it mentions that phenol is excreted by the kidneys which means it gets into circulation. Given that phenol has been used to execute prisoners, is this a safe thing to have floating around inside us?

    PS - what kind of results have you seen during experimentation?
  10. Aminosalicylates are used for treating inflammatory bowel disease, so I doubt salicylic acid is dangerous, especially in the small amounts found in this product. Similar response to phenol - you ingest and absorb several times more phenol on a daily basis from food than what you'd get from this product. Did you check how much phenol is typically used to execute people? I highly doubt it is 40mg, which is what you get from a single dose of CamphoSal and how much is contained in every liter of human urine.
    Phenol - Wikipedia
    "...Phenol is a normal metabolic product, excreted in quantities up to 40 mg/L in human urine.[46]"
  11. What would the dosage/amount of drops per day for intestinal disinfection be? Also can it have any effect on thinning the blood like aspirin would?
  12. Damn, I'm getting this for my relatives, etc but for myself I'm hesitant. Aspirin is great but for us small sect of crohns weirdos, we don't respond well to it, even if in remission like myuself. Aspirin is a great mystery to me and it confirms that there is still a missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to crohns that separates from "normal" people. Camphor on the other hand :) has been one of my secret weapons.
  13. Excellent! Would this be a 2x a week kind of thing or a daily one?
  14. Ordered 2.

    CamphoSal is in the "cosmetics" section. That means that we can apply it into or onto our human body in any way and any where that we choose. There is no need to purchase more lab "rats" in order to experiment with this product.
  15. Thanks @haidut this is brilliant.
  16. Ordered.
    I'm excited to try this as I've had a lot of benefits using other antibiotics (tetracycline and macrolide class).
    A couple quick questions,
    1. If you experimented with camphosal, what effects did you notice, and do you think that there would be any reason to use topically vs orally?
    2. Any opinion or research you've seen about bacteria adapting to either chemical in camphosal?
    Thanks very much for your thoughts, and thank you for all the good work you do!
  17. +1 on blood thinning question, I would like to know if this would have a comparable effect to a similar amount of aspirin...
    Also, any advice on how best to ingest it so it best gets to the small intestine and colon, or does it matter? I'm thinking drink it in juice or what...
  18. Well, as Peat suggested 100mg-200mg camphoric acid daily should be enough. In our product 25 drops has 200mg camphoric acid, so I would start with say 10-12 drops and see how that goes and increase to 25 drops if no benefit is felt.
    In terms of blood thinning - the 100mg phenyl salicylate has abut 60mg salicylic acid, so this is about the same as a baby aspirin (80mg-100mg) would provide.
  19. Peat said even a single use of camphoric acid helped him and from what I can see based on the older studies it was used daily for a week and then sporadically as needed. So, maybe best to start with a week of daily usage and then fall back to 2x weekly or even more rarely if there are no signs of bacterial overgrowth.
  20. So, as I always do with any product before releasing, I used it for about 2 weeks continuously and then sporadically for another month. Initially, it sounds in the GI tract and stimulated bowel movement which I took as a sign that there was indeed some bacterial overgrowth that needed to be addressed. After the 4th day, the sounds subsided and I seemed to not get the serotonin/histamine symptoms after a high-starch meal. So maybe it strengthens the gut barrier somehow or the reduced bacterial count means less serotonin even if starch does absorb through the colonic wall. It also seems to increase tolerance to alcohol and improve cognitive performance, which I suspect is due to a mild direct dopaminergic or anti-serotonin effect.
    I can't legally discuss oral use, as all products are released as external formulations only. For what it's worth, both ingredients and the ethanol used are food-grade materials.
    As far as resistance - IMO not likely to develop as camphoric acid, phenol and salicylic acid all seem to kill bacteria through generations of ROS - a mechanism similar to the one of methylene blue (MB) when used with red light (photodynamic therapy). That's one of the reasons photodynamic therapy is so promising - no known resistance mechanism exists that the bacteria can reply upon. Initially, the bacteria can use reduced glutathione (GSH) to protect itself (just as cancer cells do) but over time GSH levels drop due to being used for neutralization of ROS and eventually the bacteria succumb.
  21. See my response above. Should have similar effects to a baby aspirin.
  22. can this deplete vitamin k
  23. Any differences between d-camphor and camphoric acid in terms of physiological actions?
  24. @haidut Do you have any intention in release a Mct , Tocopherol Version of This product?
  25. If I stink, would this help clear it out a bit ?
  26. I have Crohn's as well. Can you post more about your experience with camphor?
  27. It has been a full three days now taking Camphosol 25 drops/day. The following is the effects I have noticed throughout these three days.
    • Morning abdominal pain is gone! Especially, in my ileocecal area.
    • bowel movements every day and fecal color is full brown no other color variation
    • bloating is diminished
    • sleep seems to be normalizing
    • temperature is up and pulse is up
    • appetite is good
    • White on tongue is becoming less, but not fully gone.
    Furthermore, I have noticed that my nervous system is stimulating (muscles etc.) with greater efficacy! I have been having weird issue with my pelvic floor and muscles related to the reproductive system which are clearing up, noticed stronger muscles and no weird feelings in the area.
  28. Great feedback!
  29. Are you taking all 25 drops at once, or spread out through the day?

    Also, how did you get the product so quickly? Considering that haidut posted this just 3 days ago.
  30. does this improve bad breath ? I use OraMD and looking for a replacement product.
  31. Why would it deplete vitamin K? What effects are you basing this on? If it is is due to the Salol - I doubt it as Peat usually recommends taking vitamin K when using more than 1 aspirin tablet (325mg) daily and Salol has about 60mg salicylic acid per dose.
  32. I think they are very different in terms of physiological effects even though both have anti-bacterial effects. Unlike camphor, the camphoric acid does not seem to have effects on heart rate or blood pressure, while camphor does and this is why it is used as cardiac stimulant drug in some countries. Google "Europe camphor heart drug" for more info (no quotes when you search).
  33. It depends on the reason for the odor. If it is due to intestinal fermentation then maybe. If it is due to oral bacteria, then using this as a mouthwash and keeping in the mouth for maybe 30sec should help. But if it is due to hormonal imbalance, liver issues, respiratory infections, etc then I am not sure.
  34. Awesome, thanks! Please keep us posted on developments.
  35. I think solubility would be a problem in tocopherols/oil, but we can try. Why do you prefer it in tocopherol/oil? The goal is for this to work in the intestine, not get absorbed systemically, and dissolved in tocopherol/MCT it will probably absorb much better into the blood and have a lot weaker infect in the GI tract. So, it will not be the GI product it is now any more, and I am not sure what systemic effects it may have that would be desirable. If you have something in mind please share.
  36. I use vicks topically which contains camphor over the abdominal area and the other useful ingredients. It is hard to describe in its unique "cooling" property but it is very helpful.
  37. I am taking the 25 drops at once, I put it on sugar and then chase it with a drink.
  38. It’s sour. Very sour. I used juice and neutralized it with potassium bicarbonate. Would that have any negative effect on it?
  39. Good idea adding it to sugar. Thanks for sharing this!
  40. Could more than one dose a day be appropriate for any serious bacterial issues?
  41. I’m using about 2mg or so cypro topically per day, any interactions to worry about?
  42. @haidut would this be suitable in use for dogs? Currently got a 7 month old pup who has had Salmonella, Camylobactor and an unknown strain of E Coli. Multiple rounds of antibiotics haven't cured the diarrhoea. Growing normally both physically and mentally, but there's clearly something wrong with his intestines. Searched google but couldn't find anything pertaining to the safety of Camphoric Acid for dogs.
  43. how long does it take to clear the white tongue?
  44. Oh my.
    You are a godsend Haidut!!
  45. apparently chlorophyll/chlorophyllin is very effective at reducing/removing body odour.
  46. Omg I need this. I am so excited to order this @haidut .
  47. I saw a MASSIVE breakdown of the research behind Camphoric acid that you posted somewhere else on the forum, can you please link it here?
  48. Is it possible to use this in conjunction with (low dose) antibiotics to maybe potentiate the effects of both?
  49. With anything intended to "anti-bacterial" activity in the gut, I always get horrific "die-off" symptoms like headache (intense), lethargy, cramping, etc. Any thoughts on the likelihood of this with camphosal?

    Even just a little flowers of sulphur, DE, etc. I don't think its the die-off per se, I think its gut wall irritation/permeability. Even activated charcoal does this to me (as well diatomaceous earth, FoS, etc)
  50. Has anyone gotten any adverse reactions to this? I've had an annoying headache for two days on this.
  51. Yeah, I have, along the lines of what @managing mentioned, i.e., "die-off" symptoms. On day 4 after one dose before bed on each of the first 3 nights, I lost my appetite and couldn't bring myself to be social at all, I felt self-absorbed and emotionally despondent. My bowels didn't move for 2-3 days. I took an antihistamine (Nasalcrom) and vitamin C and the extreme emotions subsided, my bowels started moving, and I was able to eat a bit; I took an enormous dose of Nasalcrom and quickly felt warmth through my entire torso from neck to pelvis but felt sort of emotionally dead and de-energized, and the vitamin C dosage was probably close to 20 grams. This all happened this past weekend. Despite the turmoil, I'm still feeling better than usual. I have a long list of grievances with myself, mostly high histamine/serotonin-related, but my top complaint is learned helplessness. Like, I exist in a cerebral prison because I don't derive joy from my body. Just a few days of disinfecting with CamphoSal has eased chronic muscle tension, tinnitus, rumination, tunnel vision, gait/balance issues, and numbness in my extremities, to the point where I feel I can start reclaiming a sense of direction.
  52. Wow. That's a lot of progress.

    My first evening on it, I had a loss of appetite and just had a Haagen Dazs ice cream bar for dinner and went to bed. Woke to clearing loose phlegm -- like an expectorant. I called Campho "chemo" that first day.
    Subsequent dosing have been less dramatic.
    Yet, I notice a little bit flatter gut and happy buoyant mood--finishing tasks I had been procrastinating.
  53. Haven’t noticed anything. 4 days, 25 drops a day.
  54. How would you compare it to high dose vitamin c ? Also some laxative action?
  55. I don't think it affects it as it will then get hydrolyzed again in the stomach back to the original chemicals. But if you notice a difference please share.
  56. No change in bowel movements, or anything else?
  57. That I don't know as the older descriptions of camphoric acid and Salol usage did not mention how severe the dysbiosis was. Also, not sure what you mean by more serious infections. If it is in the GI tract then it is more likely to have an effect but if it is systemic bacterial infection then probably not as it is meant to produce effects mostly in the gut.
  58. I don't know of any bad interactions but the usual precautions of aspirin + cypro would probably apply, as both can think the blood and increase risk of bleeding.
  59. I don't see an issue but I would ask a vet just in case as some of them are very particular about salicylic acid in dogs.
  60. That's a excellent find! Thanks for posting it. I was trying to get it from PubMed but the link kept saying "404 not found".
    Anyways, I like how it says in the title "Possessing all the advatnages of salicyclic acid and salicylate of soda, while not causing any of their objectionable effects". Unfortunately, FDA prohibits me from making that statement even though it was probably a medical claim allowed by medical authorities at the time the treatise was released.
  61. I don't remember posting anything on camphoric acid. Maybe it was somebody else??
  62. No.
  63. It seems that camphoric acid is "anabolic" for the bones.

    "...Until now, most therapies for osteoporosis have focused on limiting resorption, with varying success (Rodan and Martin 2000). Thus, therapies that work by increasing bone mass, improving defects in bone microarchitecture, and accelerating fracture healing are urgently needed. Natural compounds and their derivatives have been an invaluable source for therapeutic agents, and recent research efforts to develop therapeutic agents that affect bone remodeling have focused on natural substances. A wide variety of natural compounds can influence bone remodeling, particularly by inhibiting bone resorption, thereby having beneficial effects on the skeleton (Putnam et al. 2007). However, the ability of natural compounds to stimulate osteoblast differentiation has been reported in several recent studies (Lee et al. 2007; Jeong et al. 2008). Previously, we showed that (1R,3S)-(?)-camphoric acid (Fig. 1a) stimulated calcium formation in mouse osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 subclone 4 cells. Camphoric acid is obtained from the oxidation of camphor and is commonly used for its topical antipruritic, analgesic, and counterirritant properties (Burkhart and Burkhart 2003). Camphoric acid acts specifically upon the skin and mucous membranes to control excessive secretion. It is particularly effective for treating night sweating, e.g., due to tuberculosis, but is also valuable for controlling the profuse sweating that occurs during recovery from prostrating fevers. The biological effect of camphoric acid on bone metabolism has not been studied. Based on our preliminary experiments showing the stimulating effect of camphoric acid on bone formation, we evaluated the effect of camphoric acid on osteoblast differentiation and investigated the mechanism of its action."
  64. I don't know, to my knowledge it has not been studied in combination with antibiotics. But if it does have antibacterial effect by itself then in theory a lower dose antibiotic would have stronger effects simply because their will be fewer bacteria left to kill.
  65. Like anything that exerts most of its effects in the GI tract, irritation is possible. However, if anything, it would probably be the phenyl salicylate and not the camphoric acid that would cause irritation. So, I would try the lower dose (100mg as Peat did) first and watch for symptoms of irritation.
  66. CamphoSal was constipating for me but I have slow transit time to begin with, so I needed the high C to get things moving again. I imagine this will change with continued use. I started last Wednesday so I'm not even a week in yet. I'll keep y'all posted.
  67. Thanks, please do.
  68. Do you have experience with things like bacillus subtillis or carrot salad, garlic, oil of oregano, etc?
  69. I've been constipated too but wasn't sure what it is. Maybe it's this. I'll try a few more days.
  70. Garlic, carrot salad, yes. Also, ampicillin, minocycline, cascara, pau d'arco, coarse and powdered activated charcoal, methylene blue, all to varying degrees of success. I never strongly perceived I had a gut issue until now.
  71. So how does this particular supplement rate for you then? It seems like you are saying you did not realize you had gut issues until now because nothing else worked as well, that you tried. Is this right? Antibiotics you listed did not work so good?
  72. Tough to say but it definitely feels different and potent.

    Forgot to mention I love ginger.
  73. I started out by taking 5 drops about 10 minutes ago on a spoonful of sugar. My midsection immediately started making noise and got warm. I can't believe how fast I reacted. Anyone else get this?
  74. Yeah, sort of. More like I didn't intuit where to take things next to escape the helpless state. I've felt stuck in a vicious cycle despite my prior interventions and the my intuition says CamphoSal is something that just broke it. I can't understate how important the next step was -- in this case, pooping :)

    Oh! Forgot to mention I've gotten dramatic relief from fatigue and restlessness from my Hulda Clark VariZapper device, if you want to count electrical stimulation (direct current) as a sort of antibiotic (or bacterial growth inhibitor). I'm using it now. Feeling good! Haven't taken today's dose (day 6 @ 25 drops/d) of CamphoSal yet.
  75. "Chemo" LOL. Not fun, eh? It took until the 4th day for me to get negative symptoms but I was feeling a little psychopathic until I finally went to the bathroom.

    Speaking of your flatter gut, as I sit here using my low voltage DC device, I'm feeling a great release of pressure in my gut. I burped a bunch and now there is earnest, pleasant movement in there like there hasn't been in a really long time.
  76. I'm taking the CamphoSal now, slowly, the taste of the phenyl salicylate is a little overwhelming. I'm reminded of the taste of sunscreen. I'm applying topically in my throat, it's tough not to swallow, but it's totally accidental ;)
  77. Just ordered 2. Apparently I'm a bit slow, so I'm still unsure about how to use this. I understand you can put it in your rat's mouth (e.g. with a piece of sugar, like DCLOSE does) but does @haidut primarily recommend to put it on your rat's skin? If so, on which part of your rat's body? Thanks in advance to those patient enough to answer this prudent rat's question.
  79. Why would you order and plan to use something you do not even understand basics of? You are not obligated to buy and take nearly everything this company comes out with. why take anything unless you really need it? This whole rat thing is reminiscent of the SWIM on drug forums. It all comes across as silly and kind of strange because it is clear how these products are being used.
  80. Classic troll post.

    Ive ordered a bottle and looking forward to combining with doxycycline which has been invaluable in improving digestion.
  81. I am just about to start Xifaxin and neomycin doc has ordered for my sibo, but waiting insurance coverage. I understand I should get lauricidin/ or monolaurin for biofilm disrupter too...Would Campho Sal be fine and safe to take along with these things? I'm also taking T3 and T4, vitamins b1,2,3, cascara, and pregnenalone. Sometimes dessicated adrenal too. I have a rough time with any medications or supplements and was thinking to "get it all done" at once. Thanks!
  82. I’ve just continued being constipated so stopped it for now.
  83. bummer. how long did u take it and at what dose?
  84. 25 drops in one dose. 5 days in a row
  85. Try a laxative like cascara , magnesium or vitamin c with it and see if it helps.
  86. Yes of course. But that isn’t what I am wanting.
  87. I am curious as to why it would cause constipation. Could be an anti-serotonin effect? I know that when I took metergoline orally it gave me constipation when I took a high dose.
  88. Yeah, I'm curious about this, too. My thought was that the dying bacteria released endotoxin and that was causing the intestines to constrict. It must be a war zone in my gut right now, I'm on day 8 of my experiment. Is serotonin really needed for contractions? My appetite has been non-existent for 3 days now and I know food is a natural laxative so I'm not doing myself any favors.
  89. I often take about 30mg of doxycycline and it doesn’t cause constipation.
  90. I recommend adding archive.org to your research; many scanned medical texts. Sometimes a pain with too many results - however the Salol came right up. And thank you for your wonderful products. Interesting that Ray's books are on the site; I had no way of checking with him to see if that is his intention.
  91. On day 6 of ~12 drops 2x/day.

    - Poop: was always regular before, 2-3x/day with no straining, but stool tended to be looser, flakier, occasionally leaving a faint film on top of the toilet water. After CamphoSal, noticeably more solid, well-formed, cleaner, "dryer" maybe. Likely due to reduced bacteria and serotonin. Can see how this might cause constipation for some.

    - Frequent "full" feeling in descending/sigmoid colon is gone. Didn't consider this a big issue before, but now that it's gone, it's much more obvious.

    - Left hip internal rotation: this hip always "stuck" at a certain point (doing something like shin boxes) compared to the right. This seems to have improved. Maybe related to the point above.

    - Sleep: improved. less waking to pee.


    - none, aside from taste.

    Always had a suspicion of bacterial issues, particularly in colon, though symptoms were never severe or obvious. Experimenting with this seems to add weight to that.

    Will continue to experiment. Don't have any reasons to stop now.
  92. Thanks for this feedback.
  93. I can definitely confirm the constipation side effect. I doubled my dosage to see if that would make the constipation worse, and it did. So I decided to up my magnesium to help movements along and that seems to help (8 sprays of magnesium chloride 30 minutes before meals).

    The most noticeable change so far is the darkening of stools. Gas and bloating was decreased drastically the first couple of days but came back even stronger after the constipation. I'll continue with the single dose a day (before bed) regimen along with more regular magnesium supplementation to see if things improve.

    I wonder if enemas could be performed with this. Thoughts @haidut ?
  94. I have stopped because it was causing constipation. I remain taking 30mg or so of doxy or amoxycillin and that seems to be very helpful. I also use the cooked bamboo shoots and cooked chopped mushrooms. I also take cascara sagrada and magnesium these days. It's quite the battle. I'm also taking T3. I think too much dairy has caused my gut to slow down, but this supplement has not helped at all, to say the least.