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Call For Help: Bone Health And Strength

Aug 3, 2017
I really need some help.

I am a rock climber and due to this my hands take high loads weekly. Over the last year i have been having trouble in my left hand. I have three swollen painful knuckles and my wrist joint is swollen.

I have been tested for RA and do not have it. All these "injuries" came on when climbing after eating high copper foods, which i usually avoid as they never make me feel great. In this case these were green olives and potatoes.

I need help in healing and strengthening my bones and really wish i could get to the bottom of why i have weak bones. Throughout my life i tend to fracture bones more easily than most. Generally my bones seem to pop and crack a lot.

I eat a good amount of cheese and butter. I suspect i have a mild case of chronic high calcium yet not sure why. I have tried hadiut's topical K2 but this brakes me out in awful massive spots everytime. Really ive been getting loads of sun but this doesnt seem to help.

Any ideas? I really need to fix this.


Apr 18, 2018
Difficult to say without more information on diet etc.

Making sure you're eating a good calcium to phos ratio. Maybe supplementing some magnesium. You could try a good quality vitamin E and/or some zinc. These increase progesterone and should help the wrist heal. Hows your vitamin D?

K2 can increase steroid production, perhaps its increasing your requirement for vitamin A hence the breakouts.

I'd also purchase a 'voodoo floss' band. Plenty of info on the web on flossing. This will help move any swelling out of the wrist, mobilise and improve blood flow.


Jul 10, 2016
I'd advice 10 to 12 mg Pregnenolone a day, more magnesium and a short bursts of Zinc supplementation, increase the Fat soluble and for just two or three weeks increase zinc beef is good.

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