Calcium and self harm


Feb 18, 2018
I've noticed whenever I take calcium supplements I have the tendency to self harm since I was little If I have say a cut I would always scratch the cut or if I have ingrown toenails I will push them sometimes for hours . I don't do this much anymore but I've noticed I get the urge when I take calcium supplements why would this be?


Oct 12, 2020
Its difficult to know what the calcium is doing outside the context of the rest of your diet. Do you get enough vitamin D and magnesium?


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Feb 18, 2018
Its difficult to know what the calcium is doing outside the context of the rest of your diet. Do you get enough vitamin D and magnesium?
Yh if take magnesium and make sure to take even extra while taking calcium and I was supplementing vitamin d but I started to notice the same similar symptoms.


Nov 27, 2016
Never noticed that... I find calcium to be calming/cooling. Maybe you’re using too much?
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